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Battlefield 2042 Reveals Third Multiplayer Mode With Hazard Zone
Electronic Arts and EA DICE took time this week to give a glimpse of what's coming in 2023 for Battlefield 2042 The team posted a new blog in which they go over some of the improvements on the way for the game, as we get to see some of the visual aspects of what's going[...]
Battlefield 2042 Reveals More Season 3 Content Coming Next Week
Electronic Arts and EA DICE revealed new details this week about the Battlefield 2042 – Season 3: Escalation Battle Pass The team made the reveal in a brand new trailer in which they showed off the new Egyptian-born Specialist and security expert Rasheed Zain utilizing his XM370A Airburst Rifle They also reveal the brand-new EMKV90-TOR[...]
Battlefield 2042 Reveals More Season 3 Content Coming Next Week
Electronic Arts and EA DICE have revealed more info for Season 3 coming to Battlefield 2042, as they will be releasing it next week The third season is being called Escalation, and will come with a few new additions to make the gameplay a little more hectic and exciting Chief among them are some new[...]
Battlefield 2042 Announces Free Access Period In December
Electronic Arts and EA DICE revealed they will be holding a special free access period for Battlefield 2042 to run in early December Players who have not had a chance to try the game out yet, or possibly skipped over it when it first game out, now have a chance to try everything from the[...]
The Liquidators Event To Launch In Battlefield 2042 On October 11th
Electronic Arts revealed their next event for Battlefield 2042 as The Liquidators will be making their way into the game on October 11th EA DICE has created this new limited-time event that will turn a select few players into some of the scariest soldiers you'll come across, as you take on the role of a[...]
Battlefield Franchise Receives New Dedicated Development Studio
The only word of what the company is focusing on is that they will be "developing a narrative campaign set in the Battlefield universe." The announcement was also quick to point out they are hiring, so it appears work on an entirely new game is going to be the focus moving forward for them. The move[...]
Battlefield 2042 Announces Season 2: Master Of Arms
Electronic Arts have revealed the next season for Battlefield 2042 as the team will release Season 2: Master Of Arms on August 30th It's been a hot minute since we've heard anything for this game, as the updates seem to have become few and far between It appears the team is looking to make up[...]
Battlefield 2042
Electronic Arts have dropped new details for the launch of Battlefield 2042 next event as Season 1: Zero Hour will launch on June 9th This will be the game's first season of post-launch content which will come with a brand new map, a new Specialist, and several new weapons and gadgets The core content additions[...]
Battlefield 2042 Players Outraged Over Lack Of Content
A new leak has got Battlefield 2042 fans angry over the content choices that Electronic Arts and EA DICE have made for the game The game has already been receiving criticism ever since it was launched for various items, primarily from their fans as they arguably believe the game could be better in many ways[...]
Electronic Arts Reveals Battlefield 2042
EA DICE will launch a new 3.1 Patch into Battlefield 2042 tomorrow, offering up a number of changes and fixes to several aspects The update builds off 3.0 that was launched into the game last week, which changed a lot of things to improve the gameplay This patch brings in improvements to bullet hits, balance[...]
Electronic Arts Reveals Battlefield 2042
EA DICE has released a new set of details for updates coming to Battlefield 2042 after it was launched, plus the plan ahead The team dropped a new letter to players on the game's website, addressing some of the problems and also going over what they plan to update with the game in the short[...]
Electronic Arts Reveals Battlefield 2042
Electronic Arts and EA DICE have released a new video showing off three of the impressive and intimidating maps for Battlefield 2042 The video isn't all that long and it doesn't quite do each map the justice it probably deserves, but its a teaser to get you to want to buy the game so it's[...]
Battlefield 2042 Reveals More Specialists For The Roster
Electronic Arts and EA DICE revealed five new specialists that will be coming to Battlefield 2042 to help round out the roster The team revealed the remaining five, bringing the full list to 10 for you to choose from but let's be real, we know they're not stopping at 10, so we basically know who[...]
Battlefield 2042 Reveals Third Multiplayer Mode With Hazard Zone
Electronic Arts and EA DICE revealed the third mode that will be in Battlefield 2042 as players can also dive into Hazard Zone This mode will be more of an endurance test than just a battle to stay alive as they will be throwing you into a squad-based game that mixes up some nerve-wracking gameplay[...]
Electronic Arts Reveals Battlefield 2042
Electronic Arts and EA DICE revealed their plans for the open beta coming to Battlefield 2042 as it will be held in early October Those looking to participate can do so on PC, PlayStation, and Xbox consoles, both previous and next-gen, when the beta kicks off on October 8th However, if you're subscribed to EA[...]
Battlefield 2042 Receives Short Film Detailing The Prelude Events
Electronic Arts would like to educate you about the world of Battlefield 2042 as they have released a new short film giving you some lore The short film is called "Exodus", and it reintroduces fans old and new to the Battlefield 4 character Kimble "Irish" Graves, played by Michael K Williams, as he will be returning to[...]
Auto Draft
Western Digital revealed a brand new WD_BLACK SSD today that ties into the upcoming release of EA Games' Battlefield 2042 The item you see below is the WD_BLACK SN750 SE NVMe SSD, which is being offered as a limited-edition bundle to Battlefield fans in the U.S., Canada, and across Europe You can currently pre-order the[...]
Electronic Arts Reveals Battlefield 2042
Electronic Arts and EA Dice have announced the official partnered companies for their upcoming game Battlefield 2042 The company tends to do deals with several entities in past titles as a way to get their name out there and do a bit of cross-brand promotion Some are super obvious like the console partner this year[...]
Electronic Arts Reveals Battlefield 2042
This morning, Electronic Arts and EA DICE revealed the next entry in the Battlefield series with Battlefield 2042, set to come out in October As you might suspect, we're dealing with future war, or at least their vision of what war might look like in a couple of decades The team is boasting today that[...]