Bézier Games Reveals Ultimate Werewolf Extreme & Extensions

Bézier Games announced a new line of games from their popular Ultimate Werewolf series as they have released an Extreme edition. This is basically a version for those who are obsessed with the original and are looking for one that is far more intricate. This version allows up to 25 players in just the regular version, not including the two additional expansions that add more roles and rules for those who consider themselves an expert at the game. All of which comes with amazing artwork, and an app to help run the games catered to however you see fit. We have info on all of the new additions below as the game is available right now.

A look at the cover for Ultimate Werewolf Extreme, courtesy of Bézier Games.
A look at the cover for Ultimate Werewolf Extreme, courtesy of Bézier Games.

Ultimate Werewolf Extreme: This totally revamped edition of the original and two brand new boxed expansions feature new artwork by Simon Aan and Christine Mitzuk, dozens of new roles, and four new player items to keep your Ultimate Werewolf games more engaging than ever before. Additional new features include an updated role balancing system, professional-level rules to increase difficulty, and our free moderator app which builds custom decks and assists the moderator in running games.

Ultimate Werewolf Bonus Roles: The ultimate variety pack to create infinite replayability games! This version contains 44 new unique roles, and 2 new player items to keep your games compelling and fresh for moderators and players alike.

Ultimate Werewolf Pro: You've played the game countless times. You know the game and the roles inside and out. Challenge accepted, this expansion is for you! Ultimate Werewolf Pro contains over 50 new carefully balanced roles, a new player item, and new pro rules that will enhance games specifically for experienced players and moderators.

Ultimate Werewolf Extreme Moderator App: One of the highly anticipated aspects of the game is the brand new moderator app! This killer app integrates with the game with two critical aspects: a deck configuration tool and a game moderator assistant. The deck configuration tool creates decks based on user-set parameters such as number of players, moderator difficulty, info value or traditional role balance. The game moderator assistant scans micro QR codes on the cardbacks (contains player role information), player names and faces and places them into the app quickly. While the app is not needed to play, it will make moderating easier and more fun than ever before!

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