Browsing Through Bionik Gaming And My Arcade On The E3 Floor

No matter what I already have, I'm always looking for new accessories, which we'll discuss today. Both Bionik Gaming and My Arcade had some awesome stuff on the E3 floor for me to check out for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and the retro gaming junkie in me.

First up was the Tetro Power quad-joy-con docking port, which allowed for four different joy-cons of either side to be charged at once, doing double the charging time of the standard Nintendo Switch dock or plug-in charging system. Essentially, it's a quick way to get all the controllers up to speed at the same time in case you need a break between sessions or a fast charge to return to play within an hour. A nice addition from Bionik Gaming that I need in my house.

Next up was the Power Plate Duo, which serves as a quick charge for everything on the Switch and to make it chargeable while mobile. First, you can throw in your joy-cons into a specific battery pack in the dock in case you want to keep using the main Switch for the TV while working the joy-con controllers. The second is a straight-up battery with connectors that you can take with you like you would a mobile charger for your phone or tablet. It connects through a bottom port and a small connector at the bottom just like the Switch, so you can hold it behind the Switch as it charges and keep playing. A little bulky from Bionik Gaming, but very necessary in some situations if you're on the go.

Moving onto the PS4, specifically with the VR side of things, were the Mantis headphones. See here attached to a PS4 set, the headphones go over the ears to the side — not cupping like a lot of systems would do — but still delivering the audio to you in a pretty decent fashion. The best part is that they clip on, so while you're adding weight to your head, it isn't sitting on the crown.

Moving over to the My Arcade side of things, we got a look at a lot more retro material, including sets of mini and micro arcade machines. My favorite to see was Burger Time, an old Data East title that has earned a second life with modern gamers who go old-school. The design is made so that you can try playing it as the arcade title or take out the joystick and try it out as a handheld.

The booth had a lot of awesome options for retro fans, including an array of Gamestations that pack 300+ retro games into a single unit that plugs into your TV via A/V cords, and the controller also serves as the system. Definitely some fun stuff I look forward to reviewing down the road.

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