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My Arcade Announces The Atari Gamestation Pro Console
My Arcade has partnered with Atari for a brand new release as the two companies unveiled the Atari Gamestation Pro Console coming out next month This one might sound a bit familiar as many others have done this over the years in different capacities, but this particular console has been designed to be the first[...]
My Arcade Celebrates Pac-Man's 40th With Golden Micro Player
My Arcade revealed this week they're releasing a 40th Anniversary Pac-Man arcade micro player that's been gold-plated You can see the design below as the company has partnered with Bandai Namco to bring the classic arcade game back into their collection to make this gold-clad version of the popular micro player line This particular one[...]
My Arcade Releases The Retro Champ For Purchase
My Arcade has released a brand new retro console player as the Retro Champ is now on the market playing NES and Famicom titles The system comes with a built-in screen with rechargeable batteries and a cartridge cleaning kit You have HDTV compatibility with an aspect ration switch and wireless controller compatibility There are two[...]
My Arcade Announces "Super Retro Champ" & "Street Fighter II" Items At CES 2020
My Arcade has revealed two new products ahead of CES 2020 this morning, as we're getting some Street Fighter II action and a new retro player First up, we have the Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Micro Player, which you can see here It's their own miniature spin on the classic arcade cabinet Meanwhile, they[...]
Limited Edition "Don Doko Don" Pocket Player Now On Pre-Order
My Arcade has announced one of their more anticipated retro games, Don Doko Don, is available for pre-order as a pocket player The player comes with three games which include the original, Don Doko Don 2, and Chack'n Pop The player is going for $35, but has been limited to 3,000 units, making it one[...]
Exploring The New Gear My Arcade Brought To E3 2019
Today, Konami and My Arcade made it official as they will partner together to release mini arcade version of Contra to be sold for the public This will include the Contra Micro Player and the Contra Pocket Player, both of which you can see here We got a look at these back at E3 2019,[...]
Exploring The New Gear My Arcade Brought To E3 2019
Every year that we go to E3, we love checking out all of the new gear that My Arcade has to show off, and this year was no different The company was kind enough to give us all of these photos of what they had to bring, but we're primarily going to discuss all of[...]
Ms. Pac-Man, Galaga, and More Get Retro Hardware at CES 2019
credit// My Arcade and Bandai Namco My Arcade has partnered with Taito Corporation and Bandai Namco to release officially licensed Micro Players and Pocket Players for games like Bubble Bobble, Don Doko Don, Ms Pac-Man, and Galaga. The full line of My Arcade retro gaming hardware includes both Micro Players and Pocket Players of the classic Taito and Bandai Namco games,[...]
Playing With More Power: We Review My Arcade's Super Gamepad
Enter the folks at My Arcade, who designed a wireless controller specifically for these systems (as well as the Wii and Wii U) called the Super Gamepad We got one sent to us to check out for review, so let's hook it up and see what it can do. credit//My Arcade Now let's be very clear on[...]
Browsing Through Bionik Gaming And My Arcade On The E3 Floor
Both Bionik Gaming and My Arcade had some awesome stuff on the E3 floor for me to check out for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and the retro gaming junkie in me. First up was the Tetro Power quad-joy-con docking port, which allowed for four different joy-cons of either side to be charged at once, doing double[...]