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Microids Announces The Return Of The Joe & Mac Series
Working with G-MODE Corporation, which currently owns the licenses to much of the Data East library, they have come together on a brand new game that harkens back to the original but brings about a new tone and feeling to the franchise At the moment the game doesn't have a proper release date beyond "2022"[...]
Ziggurat Bringing More Data East Arcade Classics To PC
Ziggurat Interactive revealed today that they are working with 612GAMES to release 15 retro games from legendary developer Data East You can now play games from the company across their span in the '80s and '90s on Steam, GOG, and the Humble Store like Heavy Barrel, Super BurgerTime, Joe & Mac – Caveman Ninja, Bad[...]
Browsing Through Bionik Gaming And My Arcade On The E3 Floor
My favorite to see was Burger Time, an old Data East title that has earned a second life with modern gamers who go old-school The design is made so that you can try playing it as the arcade title or take out the joystick and try it out as a handheld. The booth had a lot of[...]
Arcade Chaser: Kickback Pinball Cafe
Arcades at one point were an American past time. For a while they went out of style, being replaced with things like Dave and Busters and other all ages
Lauren Looks Back: Stern Pinball
By 1985 Stern Electronics had been taken over by Data East USA which produced machines from 1987 until 1994, when Sega took them over Data East was known for making machines based on franchises (which was much more expensive than creating their own titles) such as Batman Forever, The Simpsons and Back To The Future By[...]