Black Desert Online Is Headed To The O'dyllita Region In October

Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games revealed today that a new massive free content update is coming to Black Desert Online with the O'dyllita Region. The content will officially be added to the game on October 7th, and with it comes a new quest as you search for a valuable new armor set, while also having to battle some of the most dangerous foes they've created for the game to date. Along with the new region, players will soon be able to start playing the new Hashashin class as well as the new Season Server that launched with the class. We have more info on the content to come below along with some screenshots and a couple of trailers you might enjoy.

A look at one of the settings for the O'dyllita Region in Black Desert Online, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.
A look at one of the settings for the O'dyllita Region in Black Desert Online, courtesy of Pearl Abyss.

As appropriate for its dark reputation, O'dyllita has some of the most difficult areas currently in the game and will mark a true challenge for any adventurers that journey there. In many ways, O'dyllita is the dark mirror of the earlier released Kamasylvia region. Instead of the noble elves of that region, O'dyllita is mostly inhabited by the Ahib, who were exiled by their brethren ages ago. When the Ahib first arrived in the region, they found the ruins of an ancient kingdom named Orzeca and using a branch they brought from the sacred Kamasylvian tree, they grew their own Thornwood Tree named Turasil. Players that play through the O'dyllita content will be introduced to this story and more while uncovering the secrets of this mysterious land.

Ambitious players will be rewarded with Blackstar Armor for braving the dangers of O'dyllita, a powerful new suit of armor. By collecting materials in the various areas of O'dyllita players can start working on the long but rewarding journey towards completing and improving this new armor set that will surely make them the envy of their fellow adventurers.

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