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Pearl Abyss Celebrates Black Desert Online In South America
Pearl Abyss, the developer and publisher of Black Desert Online, is celebrating the game being self-published in South America this week Previously run by Red Fox Games, the company is transferring all accounts over to their control through a new service, much like they did before in other regions when they took over To celebrate,[...]
Black Desert Online Adds New Major Renewal Update For Two Areas
Pearl Abyss has added a major renewal update to Black Desert Online, specifically for the Balenos Questline and Elvia Realm in Calpheon For those who are not entirely familiar with the questline, Balenos is considered to be a warm hometown of adventurers, as it is one of the first regions players will encounter in-game whenever[...]
Black Desert Shows Off More Of Upcoming Eternal Winter Expansion
Would you like to win a free copy of Black Desert Online for PC? We have a chance for you to get one in time for the game's next expansion The folks over at Pearl Abyss were kind enough to send us 25 codes for PC, giving you a chance to get the game ahead[...]
Auto Draft
Pearl Abyss revealed this week that they'll be adding a new massive dungeon to Black Desert Online with the introduction of Atoraxxion Now that you have a new spellcaster class that works well with puzzles, sort of, it's time to put that brain and power to the test in a new co-op dungeon that will[...]
The Sage Character Has Officially Come To Black Desert Online
After a couple of months of teasing the new character class, Pearl Abyss has finally added the Sage to Black Desert Online Just to kind of boil the character down a bit from the grandiose stature they've put him on in the artwork, this is essentially a high-powered magic-user who has a small cube called[...]
Pearl Abyss Shows Off More Of The Sage In Black Desert Online
Pearl Abyss revealed more details on their upcoming character addition to Black Desert Online in the form of the Sage The developers haven't been dropping a lot of lore on this one with the buildup to their reveal, as it seems they're going to save every bit of useful knowledge about the character until it[...]
Black Desert Online Celebrates Five Years With New Content Reveals
Pearl Abyss celebrated the fifth anniversary of Black Desert Online by showing off new content coming to the game in a livestream The game has had a terrific run so far, first on PC becoming a new global MMORPG that people could dive into, then making its way to both consoles and mobile devices The[...]
Pearl Abyss Takes Over Publishing Of Black Desert Online
Over the weekend, Pearl Abyss revealed that they have officially taken over the publishing duties for Black Desert Online on PC During the Calphe:ON Ball stream, the company confirmed they will take over the publishing side from Kakao Games and will consolidate both that and the development of Black Desert Online starting February 24th, 2021[...]
Black Desert Online Launches The O'dyllita Expansion
Kakao Games and Pearl Abyss have launched the newest region into Black Desert Online this week with the O'dyllita Expansion Bringing one of the darkest areas of the game to iOS and Android players, and in doing so, they will be celebrating it with two events Both of them have kicked off already and brought[...]
Black Desert Online Is Headed To The O’dyllita Region In October
Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games revealed today that a new massive free content update is coming to Black Desert Online with the O'dyllita Region The content will officially be added to the game on October 7th, and with it comes a new quest as you search for a valuable new armor set, while also having[...]
Auto Draft
Pearl Abyss announced a new feature being added to Black Desert Online as the musically inclined can take advantage of Compose and Play The new feature will allow you to go into the game and compose your own music to any character you so desire using a number of tools Essentially giving your character their[...]
"Black Desert Online" Announces A Free Update Coming In 2020
Pearl Abyss announced this week that there's a new update coming to Black Desert Online which will be implemented sometime this year The devs will be opening up a new area called O'dyllita, which will apparently be a large and expansive area with a ton of new content While the company boasted more challenges and[...]
You Can Get "Black Desert Online" On Steam For Free Until Monday
Some cool news for those of you who would like to try out Black Desert Online as Pearl Abyss has made the game free on Steam If there was ever a time to jump on it, this is the time, as all of the content for the game appears on the PC version first long[...]
The Guardian Class Comes To "Black Desert Online" Next Week
Pearl Abyss and Kakao Games announced today that the new Guardian class in Black Desert Online will arrive in the game on January 22nd The new class will be available for pre-creation so players that complete a questline in the pre-creation week can earn bonus in-game rewards Like an exclusive horn the Guardian can use[...]