Blade & Soul Celebrates Its Fifth Anniversary With New Events

NCSOFT revealed details this week of all the events they will be doing to celebrate Blade & Soul's Fifth Anniversary. The free-to-play MMO is throwing a number of events in the game, which you can read about below. But on top of it all, they will be giving away a complete Alienware PC setup and Karnox Legend Gaming Chair. Both of them branded with the game's logo! From now until January 27th, you can log in daily to their website to enter the contest to try and win the two items. Enjoy the festivities!

We're throwing a party and everyone is invited for big cake. Courtesy of NCSOFT.
We're throwing a party and everyone is invited for big cake. Courtesy of NCSOFT.

Fifth Year Festival:
Through Feb. 17, players will be able to earn Festival Coins through Login Rewards, completing Daily Quests and Daily and Weekly Challenges in-game. Festival Coins can be used in the Dragon Express to purchase a number of useful items, including the winning entries in Blade & Soul's player-designed costume contest: the Game Over costume and the Late Date Illusion Weapon.

Zaiwei Raffle:
Through Feb. 17, players will be able to use Festival Coins to purchase Zaiwei Raffle Gems for a chance to win powerful item boosts and other useful items. Each item will only have a certain number of winners per server chosen at random, so the more Raffle Gems players purchase, the higher the chance of winning.

Raider's Fortune:
Through Feb. 17, Blade & Soul will reward its players who love to raid with bonus treasure. Completing the dynamic quests within the Throne of Oblivion, Scarlet Conservatory, and Steelbreaker raids will provide players with extra rewards.

Prime Chance & Honing Season:
Through Feb. 17, monsters in the auto-hunting zone of Primeweald will have a chance to drop Festival Coins that players can spend. Plus, players will now earn double the amount of Honing Oils when completing 3 and 5 daily challenges.


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