Kojima Productions' Ken-Ichiro Imaizui Has Departed The Company

An interesting bit of news this week as it has been reported that Kojima Productions' Corporate Director, Ken-Ichiro Imaizui, has apparently left the company. The news came down from Video Games Chronicle, who are claiming they have inside knowledge that Imaizui has left but the reasoning why remains unclear. Furthermore, their attempts to reach out to both Imaizui and the company have not been replied to. It's worth noting that Imaizui has been working with Kojima and the company for two decades and has been a major figurehead in several popular titles. Including being a part of every Metal Gear Solid game from Sons Of Liberty to The Phantom Pain.

Kojima Productions' Ken-Ichiro Imaizui Has Departed The Company
Credit: Kojima Productions

His most recent work as the Corporate Director meant that he had a hand in overseeing the entire production of Death Stranding. But it's also been noted by a couple of sources over the past few months that Imaizui has failed to appear at public events for the game, including the recent world tour. When prior to this he used to be about as visible at events as Hideo Kojima was. DualShockers is reporting that his departure may have to be linked to disagreements with other directors within the company. Until one of the two sides comes out with a public statement, we won't know for sure. But it does look like he's gone and off to do something else.

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