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Blade & Soul Announces Plans For Sixth Anniversary
NC Soft announced this week that they have a ton of events happening for the sixth anniversary of the MMORPG Blade & Soul We have the full list of event happening within the game that will be going over the next few weeks, which you can take part in to get some exclusives and have[...]
Blade & Soul
NCSOFT released a few details this week about the next update coming to Blade & Soul, which comes with a brand new character class According to the team, the game will be getting an Unreal Engine 4 game update, which will go live on September 8th across the board for all players This update is[...]
Blade & Soul Celebrates Its Fit
NCSOFT revealed details this week of all the events they will be doing to celebrate Blade & Soul's Fifth Anniversary The free-to-play MMO is throwing a number of events in the game, which you can read about below But on top of it all, they will be giving away a complete Alienware PC setup and[...]
Blade & Soul
Credit// NCSoft [rwp-review-recap id="0"] NCSoft and Team Bloodlust's Blade & Soul has been pretty darn successful overseas, and it has its moments of being a pretty darn good game But some aspects of it are so incredibly punishing even I have to take a step or seven back and remind myself of why I'm putting up with such torment[...]