J. Scott Campbell Details The Creation Of His New Little Mermaid Statue For Sideshow

J. Scott Campbell took to social media this morning to show off a bit of the creative process behind the creation of his new The Little Mermaid statue. Part of his new Fairytale Fantasies line, the statue will go up for preorder this Thursday November 9th. Every detail is covered, and the creative process is always such a cool thing to get a peek at — especially for a Sideshow Collectibles piece.

From the positioning of her fingers to muscle tone and definition, no stone is left unturned here. I do find his process on the face interesting — right down to the whites of her eyes. Say what you will about Campbell's art style, and plenty have; that's for sure. But the artistic process will forever remain interesting.

After seeing this statue in person at NYCC and seeing these early process breakdowns, it truly deepens my appreciation for the statue. I just wish there was more about the tail — that was the most jaw-dropping part of the piece in person.

As stated, this statue goes up for order this Thursday, November 9th. You can sign up for alerts and such about exactly when you can order it right here.

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