BTS World Received A New October Update From Netmarble

Netmarble have released a brand up update into BTS World this week as Chapter 15 drops onto the stage and into your hearts. The group has been riding extra high lately after the release of their single "Dynamite" and conquering the U.S. market again with a week on The Tonight Show. So you knew that at any moment they would take full advantage of all of that in every medium possible. The game has been kind of quiet though, as there have been updates and new chapters, but nothing super noteworthy. This latest update is one of the biggest so far as you're getting a chapter that tells the story behind one of their current singles. The update also comes with new events you'll be able to play int he weeks to come as well as a new set of 5-Star Cards for you to secure. You can read a little bit more about the update below as it is live and ready to be downloaded into the game on both iOS and Android. Have fun managing the band from your mobile device.

The next chapter in BTS World has been unlocked, courtesy of Netmarble.
The next chapter in BTS World has been unlocked, courtesy of Netmarble.

In addition to these new Chapter 15 stories that follow chart-topping success from the group. BTS World includes 10,000 brand new photos and 100 video clips exclusive to the game, and players are able to interact virtually with BTS as their manager through various 1:1 interactive content. The October update will include:

  • Newly-added 5-star cards of BTS members available
  • Increased chance of picking Empathy and Passion cards from Oct. 7 – 14
  • Increased chance of picking Stamina and Wisdom cards from Oct. 14 – 21
  • October 7-day check-in event
  • Bonus time event with buff to draw mileage, gold and EXP
  • DNA draw event with a free draw for DNA every six hours
  • Special in-store item package sales

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