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The King Of Fighters AllStar Adds EX Kyo Kusanagi In New Update
Netmarble and SNK have added a new update to The King Of Fighters AllStar today as players can fight against EX Kyo Kusanagi Yes, you now have an upgraded version of the character added to the paytable roster, as this one has been based on the KOFXV version The team has tried to balance him[...]
Overprime Will Launch Its Second Closed Beta Next Week
Netmarble announced that they will be holding a second Closed Beta for Overprime which will kick off next week on April 28th, 2022 From the sounds of it on social media, the first test was essentially done to knock the cobwebs loose and see exactly where the game stood in a setting with tons of[...]
King Of Fighters AllStar Launches Street Fighter V Update
Netmarble has officially launched The King Of Fighters AllStar x Street Fighter V update today with a few new characters in the mix Right now, as soon as you update the game, you'll be able to play with Ryu, Chun-Li, and Like from the iconic fighting game series as they will be mixing it up[...]
King Of Fighters AllStar Opens Street Fighter V Pre-Registration
Netmarble has officially opened up pre-registration for the Street Fighter V collaboration happening in The King Of Fighters AllStar Along with SNK and Capcom, the preamble to this is one of thelongest we've seen for a fighting game crossover Usually they would have announced that something cool was on the way and a few weeks[...]
Street Fighter Comes To The King Of Fighters AllStar
We'll let you know more as it's released. Credit: Netmarble Starting today, Street Fighter characters will be revealed progressively through the special teaser site, including fan-favorites like Ryu and Chun-Li. Fighting game fans eager to check out the collaboration fighters will get their chance to pre-register the update on March 15th[...]
The King Of Fighters AllStar
Netmarble has released a new update today for The King Of Fighters AllStar as players will now be able to snag Special Signature fighters The update brings about two new fighters, which will show up in the game as SS Fighters They are SS Terry Bogard and SS Blue Mary, both of whom have their own Special[...]
Ghost Rider Officially Arrives In Marvel Future Revolution
We have more info about the latest update for you below as well as the latest trailer for the game in which you can hear Johnny Blaze himself warn you of the dangers. Credit: Netmarble Today's update also introduces the new Blitz level for players to take on featuring Mephisto Now players can face this super villain via[...]
Seven Knights 2 Launces Special 77 Festival Event
Netmarble has launched a brand new event into Seven Knights 2 as players will be able to experience the 77 Festival for the next few weeks The festival is currently running right now and will go all the way until February 16th, serving as the largest event in the game to date Which isn't too[...]
Overprime Receives A Brand New Cinematic Trailer
Netmarble has revealed their upcoming plans for Overprime as the team will be doing a Closed Beta Test this coming weekend Along with developers Metaverse Entertainment, the team will be running a beta through Steam with the plan to test and secure stable gameplay, using a combination of previous tests as well as user feedback[...]
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Launches New Year Festival
Check out the details below to see everything you can get involved with as we speak. Credit: Netmarble The festival introduces The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross' first dark attribute festival hero – [Holy Warrior] Traitor Meliodas. This new version of Meliodas increases damage to all other attributes by 10%, while increasing ally damage against enemies with weaker attributes[...]
Seven Knights 2 Receives Chapter 11 Update To Main Story
Netmarble has released a new update for their mobile RPG Seven Knights 2, as players have a chance to advance the main storyline The update is basically a top-to-bottom addition of new content that will bring about new avenues to explore in the latest chapter, as well as bring about new characters in the form[...]
Overprime Receives A Brand New Cinematic Trailer
Netmarble revealed a brand new trailer this week for their upcoming MOBA Overprime, as we get a more cinematic look at the game Originally launched in South Korea, this game has got some interesting moving parts to it as it is the company's first 3D TPS MOBA for PC It also utilizes the assets of[...]
Marvel Future Fight Gets Spider-Man: No Way Home Content
Netmarble has dropped a new update into Marvel Future Fight as the game now has some cool new content from Spider-Man: No Way Home You had to know with a major blockbuster film out in theaters as we speak, the crew behind the game would take full advantage of it and put out some new[...]
Marvel Future Revolution Introduces Magik In Latest Update
Netmarble has dropped their December update into Marvel Future Revolution involving Spider-Man and introducing Magik The first part of the update is pretty much a no-brainer as to why it's here as they are promoting the latest Spider-Man film with some fun in-game events Meanwhile, Magik joins the game as a brand new playable character[...]
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Celebrates 2.5 Anniversary
Netmarble is pulling a bit of an oddity as they are celebrating the 2.5 year anniversary of The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross A weird anniversary to celebrate, but they're doing it as they've released a new update into the game that brings about the festival hero [Protector King] Fairy King Harlequin, along with "The[...]