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Marvel Future Fight Launches Phoenix Force Inspired Update
Netmarble has launched a new update into Marvel Future Fight today as players can experience the glory that is the Phoenix Force Specifically from the recent events that took place during Avengers: Enter The Phoenix where, as we have learned many times over, people just can't help themselves when wielding amazing levels of power and[...]
Marvel Future Revolution Receives First Update Featuring Dormammu
Netmarble has released its first-ever update for the mobile game Marvel Future Revolution as players will have to contend with Dormammu The update opened up a brand new region with Dark Domain 1, which is now accessible to everyone to take on new Epic and Side Missions, along with region-specific villains and supervillains, and a[...]
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross Receives The Ragnarok Update
Netmarble recently released the latest update into The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross as players can now experience the Ragnarok update The update adds in the second chapter of Ragnarok, Fate of the Gods, which is an original story made specifically for the game, along with two new heroes that can be collected The game[...]
Shang-Chi Expansion Has Been Added To Marvel Future Fight
Netmarble has released a new expansion for Marvel Future Fight tied to the latest film Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings As it is with most updates like this for the game, you're getting a set of new characters from the film who appear in a somewhat film/somewhat comic version of themselves[...]
Netmarble Releases The Marvel Future Revolution Soundtrack
Netmarble has taken the next step to promote their next new game, Marvel Future Revolution, with the release of its soundtrack The game won't be released to the public until August 25th, but you can currently hype yourself up on the music on what is being called the Convergence Soundtrack Each of the songs represents[...]
Netmarble To Acquire Mobile Casino Games Company SpinX Games
This week, Netmarble announced that they plan to acquire a new company into the mix with mobile casino games developer SpinX Games SpinX has built itself up over time to become one of the largest companies making games for the genre, and as such, they are being bought out at a hefty sum According to[...]
Marvel Future Fight Dives Straight Into Armor War 3099
Have fun fighting with all the new gear! In the future, everyone wears metal, because why not? Courtesy of Netmarble. The time for Doom has arrived Doctor Doom, armed with powerful technology, travels through space and time to take over the world, but Agents can now ready themselves with armor from the distant future and prepare for[...]
The King Of Fighters AllStar Finally Collaborates With Dead Or Alive 6
Netmarble has brought another collaboration to The King Of Fighters AllStar as Dead Or Alive 6 characters jump into the fray In what feels like an event we should have seen sooner, characters from the series will be playable in the mobile game from now all the way to August 19th Including such memorable names[...]
Netmarble Opens Pre-Registration For Marvel Future Revolution
During a livestream this evening, Netmarble revealed the official release date for Marvel Future Revolution as it will drop in late August The team revealed that they will be releasing the game on August 25th through both iOS and Android, and that you can currently pre-register for the game on both platforms right now If[...]
Netmarble Launches Ragnarok In The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
Netmarble has launched a new content chapter into The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross as players will be experiencing Ragnarok This is an entirely new chapter of content for the cinematic mobile RPG that will be introducing new scenarios and conflicts as the characters run into a new danger As part of the event launch,[...]
Dead Or Alive 6 Comes To The King Of Fighters AllStar
Netmarble has revealed a new collaboration event launching in The King Of Fighters AllStar as Dead Or Alive 6 comes to the game On July 29th, Koei Temco will be bringing in their cast of characters into the mobile title for their own little get-together party out on the beach The details are a little[...]
Marvel Future Fight Adds Falcon & The Winter Soldier Content
Netmarble has added a new update today that bringing in content from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier to Marvel Future Fight It seems like it's a bit late, but better now than never, as the update that goes into effect today will add three new costumes from the Disney+ show, as you're getting inspired[...]
Netmarble Opens Pre-Registration For Marvel Future Revolution
It's been a long time since we've heard anything concrete about Marvel Future Revolution, but Netmarble has just opened up the gates The company has revealed details about the storyline as well as opened up pre-registration for both iOS and Android players to get in on the game In this continuation of the original story[...]
Marvel Future Fight
Netmarble has revealed the latest update added to Marvel Future Fight as The Black Order has once again invaded with a vengeance The game appears to be headed down more of an armageddon route as the challenges become tougher and tougher This time around the update will bring in a suite of Thanos-themed content, along[...]
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross To Get Stranger Things Crossover
Courtesy of Netmarble. As the franchise's first-ever collaboration featuring live-action characters, today's update introduces four Stranger Things' characters for the first time ever in an anime game, including Eleven, Jim Hopper, Mike Wheeler, and Will Byers – all of which can be collected via the Collab Pickup Draw and will start at maximum grown state (lv.80 and fully awakened).  Players who reach 300 mileage via the Pickup draw will receive an[...]