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Netmarble Launches Ragnarok In The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross
Netmarble has launched a new content chapter into The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross as players will be experiencing Ragnarok This is an entirely new chapter of content for the cinematic mobile RPG that will be introducing new scenarios and conflicts as the characters run into a new danger As part of the event launch,[...]
Dead Or Alive 6 Comes To The King Of Fighters AllStar
Netmarble has revealed a new collaboration event launching in The King Of Fighters AllStar as Dead Or Alive 6 comes to the game On July 29th, Koei Temco will be bringing in their cast of characters into the mobile title for their own little get-together party out on the beach The details are a little[...]
Marvel Future Fight Adds Falcon & The Winter Soldier Content
Netmarble has added a new update today that bringing in content from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier to Marvel Future Fight It seems like it's a bit late, but better now than never, as the update that goes into effect today will add three new costumes from the Disney+ show, as you're getting inspired[...]
Netmarble Opens Pre-Registration For Marvel Future Revolution
It's been a long time since we've heard anything concrete about Marvel Future Revolution, but Netmarble has just opened up the gates The company has revealed details about the storyline as well as opened up pre-registration for both iOS and Android players to get in on the game In this continuation of the original story[...]
Marvel Future Fight
Netmarble has revealed the latest update added to Marvel Future Fight as The Black Order has once again invaded with a vengeance The game appears to be headed down more of an armageddon route as the challenges become tougher and tougher This time around the update will bring in a suite of Thanos-themed content, along[...]
The Seven Deadly Sins: Grand Cross To Get Stranger Things Crossover
Courtesy of Netmarble. As the franchise's first-ever collaboration featuring live-action characters, today's update introduces four Stranger Things' characters for the first time ever in an anime game, including Eleven, Jim Hopper, Mike Wheeler, and Will Byers – all of which can be collected via the Collab Pickup Draw and will start at maximum grown state (lv.80 and fully awakened).  Players who reach 300 mileage via the Pickup draw will receive an[...]
Auto Draft
Netmarble has thrown in a bunch of new rewards into Marvel Future Fight to help celebrate the game's sixth anniversary Netmarble already threw in a bunch of stuff for people to do, but the latest update for April has added a special check-in event that allows players to earn rewards by just logging into the[...]
Marvel Future Fight Celebrates Its Sixth Anniversary
Netmarble has unveiled their plans to celebrate the sixth anniversary of Marvel Future Fight happening this month To honor and celebrate the six years we've had of the game and its unique adventures, the company has started the event today by opening up pre-registration for a special anniversary event In this event, all participating Agents[...]
Auto Draft
Netmarble dropped a brand new upgrade into Marvel Future Fight today as players can now experience a new Mephisto update This particular update, which has been added to the game today as soon as you go update it on iOS or Android, will transform one of Marvel's most iconic villains into a World Boss Legends[...]
Netmarble & Kung Fu Factory Announce NBA Ball Stars
Netmarble and Kung Fu Factory have revealed their latest endeavor with the NBA as a new mobile title is coming called NBA Ball Stars The game is an all-new puzzle-based mobile basketball title that is now open for pre-registration for both iOS and Android As part of the announcement and release, the two companies have[...]
Netmarble Announces BTS World March Update Featuring Jung Kook
Netmarble has announced that a new update will be coming to BTS World this month with a focus on Jungkook There have been a few updates here and there, but major storyline additions have kinda been sporadic Especially those connected to specific members in the band So this one is extra special and comes with[...]
Mia & Athena Jump Into The King Of Fighters AllStar
Netmarble is bringing in two more characters to The King Of Fighters AllStar as we're getting Mai Shiranui and Athena Asamiya If you're not entirely familiar with them, both characters come from The King of Fighters Special Signature, with their own special moves and abilities that will be an interesting mix with the way the[...]
Netmarble Will Launch Blade & Soul Revolution On March 4th
Netmarble revealed today that Blade & Soul Revolution will be coming out on March 4th, set for both iOS and Android devices The game was teased for a western release months ago as the team has already been working with it in the APAC region, with it doing very well in South Korea So well[...]
Netmarble Will Acquire Majority Stake In Developer Kung Fu Factory
Netmarble announced this week they will be acquiring a majority stake in the LA-based mobile developer Kung Fu Factory While the deal didn't specify that they have acquired the entire company, the deal is big enough to where they might as well have For those of you unfamiliar with the company, they're best known for[...]
Marvel Future Fight Launches New A New Update Featuring Dawn of X
Netmarble has dropped a new update into Marvel Future Fight today as we're getting new additions featuring players from Dawn Of X As you might suspect from this update as it has been in the past, you'll be getting a bunch of new uniforms and costumes for a few characters and changes to a couple[...]