Call Of Duty: Vanguard Launches PlayStation Alpha Today

Activision and Sledgehammer Games have launched the Call Of Duty: Vanguard Alpha Test today for PlayStation owners to jump into. Along with the launch they released a blog detailing the latest map they'll be playing in the alpha, Champion Hill. We have a snippet of the info for you below as you can dive into the Alpha right now.

There's only one champion on this hill! Courtesy of Activision.
There's only one champion on this hill! Courtesy of Activision.

What does a game look like in practice? Here's how it breaks down in Call Of Duty: Vanguard:

It Begins… Everyone gets a quick explanation of the mode, receives $500 of in-game Cash, and is placed at the Buy Station Area. Over the next minute, players should use this Cash to upgrade their weapons (right on D-Pad) or purchase new weapons and equipment or add Perks (permanent for the game) and Streaks (only last one round) to their Loadout.

The Fight Is On. Squads will fight on one of four maps against a random squad. Within an individual Combat Round, the squad that wins the round gets a $1,000 Cash bonus awarded to each member. Ties result in no money awarded. Eliminating a squad from the game by reducing their life count to zero awards additional Cash and that squad's weaponry, dropped at their point of elimination.

Repeat or Get Lucky. Squads are re-paired for subsequent Combat Rounds. When there is an odd number of squads, one lucky squad may receive a Bonus Buy Round to rest and restock their Loadouts.

Buy Round Time! After a few Combat Rounds, all squads participate in a Buy Round. Spend that Cash and upgrade that Loadout before the next fight begins!

Stick Around and Spectate. Eliminated squads can choose to watch the rest of a Champion Hill match from the Buy Station Area's circular spectator platform, which overlooks all four Combat Round fight maps.

Only Two Shall Survive… Once there are only two squads left in the game, the final showdown begins. If you have any Cash saved up, spend it lives, streaks, and any perks you may be missing, as both squads will get a chance to resupply before the big showdown.

…and One Will Claim Champion Hill. The final Combat Rounds are one minute longer – 120 seconds in length – so having the proper loadout and streaks equipped can make the difference between victory and defeat. If neither squad eliminates the other during a Combat Round, they head back to another Buy Round. Make sure to resupply with enough firepower to wipe the enemy out for good… and claim victory on Champion Hill

That is all you need to know about playing Champion Hill. As for mastering it, we have a few tips for turning Champion Hill into your squad's stronghold of dominance:

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