Call Of Duty: Vanguard To Receive New Map For Season Two

Activision posted a new blog today going over another addition to Call Of Duty: Vanguard – Season Two as the game will be getting a new map. The new map in question is called Mayhem, and it will throw you right onto the set of a movie as you'll be in an old-school Japanese studio. Looking like the same ones Toho used to have when making early Godzilla films. We have a snippet of the info for you below, but this looks amazing and the kind of nonsense map we've been waiting years to play on in CoD. Speaking of monsters, we also have the teaser trailer for the upcoming Operation: Monarch event on the way.

Call Of Duty: Vanguard To Receive New Map For Season Two
Credit: Activision

Mayhem redefines the meaning of chaos with one of the tightest play spaces in Call of Duty history. Prepare to take on gargantuan proportions as you stomp through a small-scale replica of a bustling metropolis, standing nearly half as high as a majority of the central buildings. The outer props define a 1950s movie set, complete with a UFO, an active volcano, and a monster suit ready for action. For your purposes, however, the battle is set squarely within and immediately around the central city, with an off-set flanking route along the northern path and a traversable ocean path in the south.

Make no mistake: the time to engagement here is miniscule. Whichever direction you choose, you're bound to collide with an enemy Operator in no time, but there are still some available tricks to catch your opponents off guard. The large pieces of cover throughout give you the chance to avoid taking damage and force the enemy to your position; likewise, there are rapid entry points into the middle from the south, west, and east pathways.

The northern path alone abstains from entry points along its middle portion, making it the least conspicuous route on the map, though it's far from a safe zone, as Operators can easily pour in from either end. It also offers the best spots to take shelter from aerial Killstreaks, drawing further attention when the armaments start raining down. With a clear view of the skies overhead, it's bound to be a common occurrence. At the center lies the main road that cuts through the replica city with a few branching streets throughout. Expect intense fighting here, so approach cautiously. Also note the broken bridge jutting out toward the south path, granting a powerful vantage point over enemies tromping through the ocean.

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