Capcom Has Reportedly Approved A Resident Evil 4 Remake

It appears Capcom is determined to now remake all the Resident Evil games as the word is out Resident Evil 4 is getting a remake as well. While the remake of RE2 was pretty much widely praised and the current remake of RE3 has gotten some mixed reviews, it seems people in general love the remakes that are currently happening. Not it appears Capcom has decided to just keep the trend going by giving the green light to the next one in the series. According to a report from Video Games Chronicle, a source with knowledge of development at the company informed them that they basically gave the approval to remake RE4 this past week. According to their report, the remake is going to be tackled by a pair of newcomers to the series, meaning we're probably not going to get the same version of the game we used to have before. That also means that while RE2 and RE3 were pretty much similar in their approach with the third-person perspective, it doesn't guarantee that it will be used for the next one.

It looks like we'll be getting a Resident Evil 4 remake as well, courtesy of Capcom.
It looks like we'll be getting a Resident Evil 4 remake as well, courtesy of Capcom.

A few of the key people who worked on RE4 are still at Capcom, but it's been suggested in a few places that the reason we haven't heard any of their names tied to the project is that they're already working on Resident Evil 8. Which is another game in the series currently in development that at the moment doesn't have a target release beyond the suggestion of 2021. That game, more than likely, will continue the trend of having a first-person perspective and a storyline that, while set in the RE universe, will be a solo adventure that little ties to any of the other games. It kind of makes sense to see RE4 get a remake, but at the same time, is it completely necessary? While Resident Evil 4 has its fans, the game was already ported to the Nintendo Switch in 2019 and didn't do as well as others released with it. So how much of a need is there for another remake? What are your thoughts on this one? Tell us in the comments.

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