Capcom Has Resurrected The Knife Run In "Resident Evil 3"

Good news for those of you who want an insane challenge or are gluttons for punishment, The Knife Run is back in Resident Evil 3. In a recent interview with Game Informer, one of the producers let them know that the indestructible knife is back. If you'll recall from the remake of Resident Evil 2, you couldn't do a knife run because they broke or were left behind after frequent use. Effectively killing one of the most unintentional hardcore modes in the franchise. Don't be fooled by the name, it takes a ton of skill to get through any of these games without using a projectile. Thankfully, that's been changed.

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Credit: Capcom

"We kept the knife inexhaustible [in Resident Evil 3], so you can use it forever," says producer Peter Fabiano. "We're dealing with survival horror and everything is exhaustible. You run out of bullets. You run out of herbs. You run out of all the items you can use. So if you did run out of everything, what would you have? The knife. The director always wanted to make it so that you at least have your trusty knife. That's always something you can rely on."

Now that fans are aware this is back, we look forward to seeing everyone try their hand at a Knife Run in Resident Evil 3. If for anything, the fun of watching people throw themselves into danger just to complete one of the strangest challenges you'll ever see a gamer put themselves through. And of all games in the series, one where Nemesis is basically making your life hell every 20 minutes or so. Best of luck to those of you who try, and for the rest of us, we'll just give it a shot on normal when it comes out on April 3rd.

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