Capcom Will Have A Two-Week Trial For Street Fighter V

EVO 2020 may not be happening, but all the announcements that would have been there are, starting with Street Fighter V. According to games insider Wario64 on Twitter, Capcom is planning a special livestream event that will take place on August 5th at 10am PT, which will feature a few announcements about the series moving into the next year. As usual, we're expecting there to be a bunch of reveals as rumors have spread of new characters coming to the roster and old stages being added in. Because this version of the series is basically becoming the ultimate Street Fighter game as they've added almost every character that's ever existed into the game. (Almost…) Plus there's bound to be some added info about the next esports season for the Capcom Cup and more. But one of the big reveals that came out early, which we suspect was going to be a bigger deal int he stream, is that everyone will be able to try the game out in full for two weeks.

Everyone will get to try out Street Fighter V: Champion Edition for two weeks, courtesy of Capcom.
Everyone will get to try out Street Fighter V: Champion Edition for two weeks, courtesy of Capcom.

According to the brief amount of info released, starting on August 5th for a two-week trial, everyone can play Street Fighter V: Champion Edition with all 40 characters unlocked. How much of the game will be available to them is another story entirely. We're guessing online play will be available to anyone who wants to get in on the action, however, considering a lot of the story to the game can be beaten in just a couple days time, we're betting a lot of the story elements will be unavailable to people during the trial. We'll have to wait until Wednesday morning to find out the full details along with all the other announcements, as this will be the first big reveal for the game since EVO 2019 when three more characters were added.

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