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Street Fighter V Final Character Luke Arrives This Week
Capcom has released the final Street Fighter V character that will be added to the roster, as Luke makes his way into the streets His inclusion makes him the 45th character added to the game, making this the biggest roster of characters a Street Fighter title has ever had (It's not all 114 characters ever[...]
Comic Con Special Edition 2021 - Storm Collectibles Booth Exclusives
This will consist of: Event Exclusive Figures available in limited quantities for purchase include: Street Fighter IV – Evil Ryu; Mortal Kombat – Kung Lao; Golden Axe – Death Bringer; Golden Axe – Skeleton Soldiers 2-Pack Darkstalkers – Demitri Maximoff World First New Product Reveals and First Ever Displays in North America from titles including: Mortal Kombat; Street Fighter; Injustice; Tekken; Kengan Ashura Each of these figures Sold[...]
Fanhome Offers Street Fighter Fans An Awesome Collectible Subscription
The company has a nice assortment of different franchises to subscribe to with Star Wars, Marvel, Fast and the Furious, and Street Fighter Each month, collectors will get a box with parts or items to fill their fandom needs with some pretty crazy end results From a 2 foot tall Iron Man suit of armor[...]
Storm Collectibles Reveals NYCC Exclusive Street Fighter Evil Ryu
Storm Collectibles has revealed the newest figure from their widely popular Street Fighter action figure line with the return of Evil Ryu After succumbing to the power of the Satsui no Hadou, Ryu is now more deadly than ever before, making him a deadly addition to any Street Fighter roster Storm Collectibles Street Fighter V[...]
Street Fighter Ryu Enters the Ring with Seamless Figure from Iconiq
Prepare for greatness as IconiQ Studios is changing up the collectibles game for the hit fighting video game Street Fighter Iconic has announced a new line of 1/6th scale figures with the help from TB League to give us some incredible seamless fighters Starting things off first is Ryu, who will stand 12" tall and[...]
Street Fighter V Reveals New Outfits Supporting Breast Cancer Research
Capcom has revealed two new costumes that they're adding to Street Fighter V this month as part of their effort to aid in breast cancer research The company has partnered up with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF) to offer two all-new themed costumes for Chun-Li and Ryu As you can see from the images below,[...]
Street Fighter Hugo and Poison Statue Arrive from PCS Collectibles
Tension in the ring grows as PCS Collectibles has revealed new additions to their incredible 1/4th scale Street Fighter statue series A dynamic duo has arrived to take home the gold with a special Mad Gear Exclusive Set that includes Hugo and Poison This pro wrestling team is back with Pro Wrestler Huge Andore back[...]
Capcom Reveals Luke As The Last Street Fighter V DLC Character
Today during a special Street Fighter livestream, Capcom revealed Luke as their last DLC character for Street Fighter V In case you think that name doesn't ring a bell, don't worry about it, because it shouldn't This is an entirely new character being introduced to the series with a unique backstory and not a remake[...]
Street Fighter x Darkstalkers Menat as Felicia Statue PCS Statue
PCS Collectibles is back at it again with another one of their truly incredible statues from the hit video game Street Fighter This newest statue comes out of Street Fighter V as new Darkstalkers costumes come to life with Menat Menat is dressing up as Felicia, this time giving collectors a purrfect collectible for their[...]
Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Season 5 Hits Puzzle & Dragons
GungHo Online Entertainment announced today that Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Season 5 has come to Puzzle & Dragons In this latest content drop for the game, you'll be able to recruit iconic fighters like Ryu, Chun-Li, M Bison, Guile, and more Not to mention having ★6 Nash joins the cast as a brand new[...]
Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Shows Off More Of Chun-Li
Last month it was revealed that she and Ryu would be making their way from Street Fighter over to the fighting game in a special partnership with Capcom Now we're getting a better look at how they'll transition into the game She will be in full ranger gear, but will come with a special "Angel[...]
Street Fighter Zangief Fights for Russia With Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles has unveiled their newest figure from the hit fighting game Street Fighter This figure comes from Ultra Street Fighter II, and Zangief is here to put the name Red Cyclone back on the top of the leaderboards This fighter is in peak physical shape, and Storm Collectibles captures all of his muscles, curves,[...]
Street Fighter V Blossoms As Rose Makes Her Return To The Series
Things are getting a little more interesting in Street Fighter V as Rose makes her return to the series in glorious fashion Capcom has gone into more detail today about the latest blast from the past making her way to the roster, as you can snag Rose today as one of the characters for the[...]
Ryu & Chun-Li Will Be Added To Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid
The crossovers continue for Street Fighter characters Ryu and Chun-Li, who will be coming to Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid Well, to a degree It seems in a parallel universe, both of the characters have been given the power of the Power Rangers, and have formed their own suits with Ryu as the Crimson[...]
Street Fighter IV Evil Ryu Brings the Pain to Storm Collectibles
Storm Collectibles keeps the fight alive as they unveil their newest Street Fighter IV figure This time things get a little dark as an alternate form of Ryu has been unleashed once again with Evil Ryu Consumed by hate, madness, and the complete and utter use to win by any means necessary, this Evil Ryu[...]