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Street Fighter II Balrog Knocks Out the Competition New SC Figure
It looks like their Street Fighter line is getting a new fighter as Balrog has entered the ring Balrog is a popular Street Fighter that appeared as a boss for gamers in the widely popular game Street Fighter II However, he did get upgraded to become playable in Street Fighter II: Champion Edition, and plenty[...]
Street Fighter Chun-Li's Deadly Beauty is Unleashed with Good Smile 
The hit fighting game Street Fighter is coming alive with some truly impressive statues The Pop Up Parade statue line was created to give collectors some incredible statues at a great price and does not hold back on detail Street Fighter is a perfect franchise to come to this line as the fighters are super[...]
Street Fighter 6 Will Be Present At Evo 2022
Capcom has made it known that they will be bringing Street Fighter 6 to Evo 2022 this year for people to try out for themselves Those who would like to try the game out for themselves will get a chance with the same demo we played during Summer Game Fest Play Days However, it's unclear[...]
Transformers and Street Fighter Crossover with Exclusive 2-Pack Set 
Just when you think you've had enough, more Street Fighter x Transformers figures sets are on the way! That is right, Hasbro has more odd mash-up figures here for up, with Arcee design up as Chun-Li and Hot Rod as Ken This marks the second Street Fighter x Transformers set to release with the first[...]
Transformers Optimus Prime Becomes Street Fighter’s Ryu in New Set
Well, Hasbro has done something even more insane this time as the world of Transformers is colliding with the world of Street Fighter That is right; the hit fighting game is getting one mech upgrade are your favorite Transformers and Street Fighter characters become one This Target Exclusive set is a two-pack and features Optimus[...]
We Tried Out Street Fighter 6 During Summer Game Fest Play Days
Hands down, the game with the longest line during Summer Game Fest Play Days was Street Fighter 6, as people couldn't wait to try it out The one game Capcom brought to the dance, but it was the one everyone wanted to dance with as they set up six stations with both controller and fight[...]
Capcom Shows Off Guile Returning To Street Fighter 6
Capcom dropped a new trailer this week for Street Fighter 6 during Summer Game Fest as we got a good look at the return of Guile The game is really pushing the familiar faces into the future, and as we can see here, Guile has become a little more grizzled and is dressed a little[...]
Pre-Orders Go Up for TMNT x Street Fighter II Classic Two-Packs
Street Fighter 2-Pack sets that were heading our way Well, it looks like pre-orders have arrived for the first two sets with Leo and Mikey entering the tournament This set does feature a re-release of the TMNT Ninja Elite Series with a new arcade style gritty deco Both turtles will feature a companion Street Fighter[...]
More Street Fighter Characters Make Their Way To Brawlhalla
Ubisoft and Capcom are carrying on their partnership in a new update for Brawlhalla as five new Street Fighter characters join the roster The new set of fighters includes Dhalsim, Sakura, Ken, M Bison, and Luke, making up an interesting mix of people who will be joining the previously released Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma for[...]
Playmates Announces Street Fighter vs. TMNT 2-Pack Figure Sets
Last time we saw the turtles taking on fighters from Cobra Kai, and now they are entering the world of Street Fighter The hit Capcom fighting game is up for its greatest challenge yet, and four packs will be heading to us Each pack all showcases one turtle versus one Street Fighter and feature 80s[...]
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Street Fighter time! This Saturday saw Free Comic Book Day for 2022 with almost fifty comic books being given away for free at participating comic book stores the world over That included a new Street Fighter comic book from Udon Studios, Street Fighter Masters #1 by Matt Moylan and Genzoman Which promised to tease much![...]
Street Fighter’s Blanka & Sakura Have Arrived In Fortnite
Those of you hoping for more Street Fighter characters to come to Fortnite, good news! Blanka and Sakura have arrived this week! The game will be adding the characters today on the mobile version for the first of two cups, while the PC and console versions will see them added tomorrow, April 28th We got[...]
King Of Fighters AllStar Launches Street Fighter V Update
Netmarble has officially launched The King Of Fighters AllStar x Street Fighter V update today with a few new characters in the mix Right now, as soon as you update the game, you'll be able to play with Ryu, Chun-Li, and Like from the iconic fighting game series as they will be mixing it up[...]
King Of Fighters AllStar Opens Street Fighter V Pre-Registration
Netmarble has officially opened up pre-registration for the Street Fighter V collaboration happening in The King Of Fighters AllStar Along with SNK and Capcom, the preamble to this is one of thelongest we've seen for a fighting game crossover Usually they would have announced that something cool was on the way and a few weeks[...]
Street Fighter Chun-Li Prepares for Her Wedding with PCS Collectibles
PCS Collectibles does it again as they reveal their newest Street Fighter DLC Costume statues Coming in at 15.5 inches tall, Chun-Li is back and is ready to walk down the aisle with her Street Fighter V DLC wedding dress costume Featuring a faithfully recreated costume from the hit fighting game, Chun-Li is showcased in[...]