'Clash Royale' Adding A New Mode Called "Touchdown"

Below is the footage from a Clash Royale livestream that took place earlier today where the team behind the game showed off a brand new mode coming soon called Touchdown. Essentially, this is a football version of the game where you are eight players divided into two teams. The goal is to get your troops into the endzone of the other team in the hopes of scoring a touchdown and gaining a crown.

The mode will be released in October along with the game's next update.

Looking at the mode, it feels like it could be a lot of fun and bring a bit of new life to the game that will attract some sports fans back into playing. A possible downside could be that there's a certain tipping point in the game where you realize one team is going to have an advantage over the other, and once one of those teams reaches that point, it's basically downhill from there unless the team with the lead screws up royally and throws the game away at the last minute. In any case, it should make for a good addition to Clash Royale when they release it later this month.

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