Classic Tetris World Championship 2020 Will Move Online

Some good news for retro gaming esports as the Classic Tetris World Championship 2020 will be moved online. As is the story with many events in 2020, the CTWC was in jeopardy of not happening after the Portland Retro Gaming Expo canceled their event, which is where the tournament usually happens every year. But today the company issued a new set of rules for the 2020 tournament, letting fans know that they will be changing to an online format. We have a snippet of some of them below and how the tournament bracket will play out. The tournament will start registrations on September 1st, with qualifiers happening on October 22nd, all leading to the eventual main event on December 6th.

The Classic Tetris World Championship 2020 will now be held online, courtesy of CTWC.
The Classic Tetris World Championship 2020 will now be held online, courtesy of CTWC.

During this round, competitors will play NES Tetris A-Type and try to get the highest score possible. The qualifying round will run for a period of time that will be clearly posted at the tournament venue. At the end of the qualifying round, players with the top 8 scores* will advance to the Top 8 round. A designated group of NES machines will be used for the Qualifying Round. Players should line up, wait until they reach the front of the line, then take their place at one of the available NES consoles and start their game. Each player is allowed to play a single game, starting on level 9 or higher. There is no "warm up" time allowed on the machines provided for the Qualifying Round. If a player starts on a level below 9, they will have one opportunity to reset the game and start on level 9 or higher. When the player's game is over, they can choose to submit their score to a tournament official or leave the score unrecorded. If they wish to submit their score, they should raise their hand to get the attention of a tournament official. The tournament official will then record their name and score. If the player wants to play another game, they must return to the back of the line.

Equipment and Controllers

A group of NES consoles, NES Tetris carts, and NES controllers will be provided for competitors to play. Competitors can use the provided NES controller or bring their own controller. The controller can be any standard unmodified* original NES controller, any standard unmodified original NES "dog bone" style controller, or any standard unmodified "Goofy Foot" style controller. Tournament or CTWC officials may disqualify any controller other than those listed here (including but not limited to other 3rd party controllers, controllers with turbo features, etc), and any games played with those controllers, at any time.

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