Coca-Cola Adds New Flavor In Fortnite & Real Life

In a first for the company, Coca-Cola has released a video-game-inspired flavor both for Fortnite and being released in the real world. The new flavor is Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte, which the company revealed is their first official product that was first released in the "metaverse", meaning you got to experience the drink digitally before it ever came out in public. Its been added to the game where players can discover it right now and interact with fellow players across four sensory-inspired, multiplayer mini-games that feature the drink. This entire addition was an independently created Fortnite Creative experience that was not sponsored, endorsed, or administered by Epic Games.

As for the real drink, it is currently out in select countries in Latin America, with it set to come out in the United States on May 2nd and in China on May 23rd. For Coke collectors in the U.S., they'll also be releasing a limited-edition twin pack of 12-ounce cans so you have one to consume and one to collect. You can read more about the games down below.

Coca-Cola Adds New Flavor In Fortnite & Real Life
Credit: Coca-Cola Co.
  • In The Castle mini-game, players experience connection by working together to accomplish one common goal – taking down their opponents' pixel-stacked structure.
  • The Escape game is set in one of the most distinguishable assets of Coca-Cola, the iconic glass bottle. Players must team up and help one another reach the top of the bottle before a beam of Byte-light catches up to them. 
  • In another nod to classic gaming, The Race mini-game embraces Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte's origin, with players plunge into the product as if they were entering a portal. As they race through the can-inspired cylindrical tubes and whizz through the fizz collecting pixelated bubbles, they experience the sensorial feeling of diving into Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Byte. 
  • In The Tower, players must work together to solve Byte-themed puzzles through various pixel-platform levels. Each room poses its own challenge that can only be solved by working in tandem with fellow players in order to progress up the tower.

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