Could Destiny 3 Go Full MMO Now Bungie is Free of Activision?

Could Destiny 3 Go Full MMO Now Bungie is Free of Activision?
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Now that Bungie and Destiny are free of Activision's ownership, plenty of people are wondering what that means for Destiny 2 and even Destiny 3. While most would expect Bungie to continue pioneering the pseudo-MMO genre through the rest of their work on the Destiny series, though with less pressure for constant updates and silly micro-transactions, there are some who think the series might go fully into the MMO space with the next installment.

While it is possible for Bungie to just continue supporting Destiny 2 as it is without further adaptations, the lack of internal text chat does make Destiny 2 a bit unweildy as far as a full MMO would go. The server setup is also not ideal, as only a handful of players can access the same instanced hub city.

However, aside from some technical changes, the series is very much headed further and further into the MMO sphere. After all, Destiny 2 added internal guild systems to make it easier for players to connect in-game. So while a Destiny MMO isn't currently on offer, it could be coming soon.

Forbes certainly seems to think so, in any case:

This is not literally what I'd call it, but this is the other path. Rather than Destiny 3, Bungie would simply drop the numbers and the concept of a true sequel and current and future Destiny would become just that…Destiny, a forever game.

The idea here is that Destiny would emulate World of Warcraft, something fans thought it might do originally, but an idea that didn't pan out. Maybe because of Activision, who wanted more traditional releases, maybe not, but now that Bungie is on their own, they can do anything they want, including experimenting with how they release the series in the future.

With this model, Destiny would simply start from where we are now and keep building over time. Instead of replacing anything, the game would just expand with new areas, new raids, strikes, Crucible maps, Gambit maps and so on. Picture how Destiny 2 might look if Destiny 1 never got left behind, and was instead simply merged with the current game. That's the idea here. In this case, Destiny 3 might not be a full game release, but instead effectively…$60 DLC. Something that would expand the world at full price and add as much content as you'd expect from a sequel, but it would contribute to expanding the world instead of replacing it. It's also my dream for Destiny 1 to someday be ported into this grand unified Destiny vision, but one thing at a time, I suppose.

This is risky. It might be hard to shift from a traditional release model to a World of Warcraft type model mid-series. If potential players think the $60 Destiny release in 2021 or whatever is just more DLC, that may depress sales further than if a new Destiny game was released with a 3 on the end, which is probably why Activision wanted this in the first place. And they might think that you have to own D2 to even play the new stuff, when in reality Bungie would have to craft some sort of solution where 2021 $60 Destiny would launch with everything from all 3-4 years of Destiny 2 in it as well.

Granted, Destiny 3 could just be another pseudo-MMO shooter. Or Bungie might not even make a Destiny 3. We honestly have no idea, since the split with Activision just happened last week and the transfer of ownership is still in progress.

Additionally, its a bit early for Bungie to talk future plans regardless, as they're still actively supporting Destiny 2 for its second year of content. But the possibilities are endless.

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