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Bungie has launched the latest Solstice event for Destiny 2 with new things to do as well as a number of items to collect The event actually kicked off yesterday and will be running all the way until August 9th, giving you a chance to take part in some new festivities at the Tower and[...]
Bungie Day 2022 Kicks Off Today With Multiple Events
The company has started the celebrations with new merch and discounts in their own shop, as well as a fun new feature for Destiny 2 Some of the new merchandise includes the Gjallarhorn-themed Community Artist Series collection and the Hive Worm Plush (up for pre-order). Those who complete the Gjallarhorn Rocket Launcher quest in the Destiny[...]
Destiny 2: Season Of The Haunted Kicks Off Today
Bungie revealed new details for the next season on the way for Destiny 2 as the Season Of The Haunted launches today This season will take you for a bit of a ride as you'll be facing Calus's returning corrupted space vessel, the Leviathan You and your fellow guardians will confront the Nightmares of the[...]
Destiny 2 Launches Guardian Games Cup Today
Bungie has launched a brand new Destiny 2 event today for people to take part in as the Guardians Games Cup presents a different kind of challenge Starting today and running all the way through May 24th, players will be able to experience this brand-new out-of-game event in which they have assembled class fireteams from[...]
Destiny 2 Launches New Witch Queen Raid: Vow Of The Disciple
Bungie has released a brand new raid into Destiny 2 as part of the latest expansion The Witch Queen with Vow Of The Disciple In this new raid, guardians must venture into the Pyramid ship, this wonderfully ominous-looking structures you see below, which happens to be lurking within the happiest place in all of the[...]
Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Set For Release This Tuesday
Bungie is celebrating the release of Destiny 2: The Witch Queen tomorrow with a brand new launch trailer for you to enjoy Prior to the expansion being released, the company is showing it off in all of its glory, as we get a bit of a cinematic introduction to the sights, the sounds, and the[...]
Sony Interactive Entertainment To Acquire Bungie For $3.6B
It's not like Destiny 2 will be leaving PC or Xbox, or any radical changes coming to their services moving forward But if tomorrow Bungie decided to announce Destiny 3, it almost seems inconceivable that SIE wouldn't push to make that a PS5 exclusive But that's a discussion for another day The move to acquire[...]
Bungie Shows Off Throne World For Destiny 2: The Witch Queen
Bungie revealed more of what's to come in Destiny 2 when they drop The Witch Queen expansion, as we get a better look at the new world You'll be traveling to Savathûn's Throne World, which is being described as a "twisted wonderland of corruption and splendor" that will keep you nerve-racked and edgy the entire[...]
Auto Draft
Tis' the season in the world of Destiny 2 as Bungie has launched its latest event in the game celebrating the holidays with The Dawning Joining the long list of video games who have figured out you can pool more people to come play the game over the holidays if you jam-pack it with exclusive[...]
Destiny 2 Will Be Celebrating Bungie's 30th Anniversary
Bungie is celebrating the company's 30th Anniversary and they are marking the occasion with a special pack and more in Destiny 2 The company revealed today that they will be holding an event within the game that will release a ton of free content for players to get in on, which includes a new six-player[...]
Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Is Being Released Q1 2022
Bungie threw a special livestream today revealing all the new content coming in 2022 for Destiny 2 as the next expansion will be The Witch Queen This new expansion is the latest chapter in Destiny 2's ongoing Light & Darkness saga, which they intend to continue in 2023 with the release of Lightfall The company also revealed[...]
Numskull Reveals Special Destiny 2 Fallen Hatchling Plush Collectible
Oddly enough, Destiny 2 still has a dedicated fanbase which I can defiantly appreciate The game did deliver a great storyline and has been faithful to fans giving them plenty of new content to keep them entertained Numskull wants to help Destiny 2 fans with the introduction of their brand new Eliksni hatchling plush This[...]
Bungie Reveals Plans For Bungie Day & Destiny 2 Plans
Bungie revealed a number of events and other Destiny 2-related things today, including their plans for Bungie Day, and more coming up in August We have a complete rundown of everything the company will be doing this year, which includes a new sale in the store, info on their Giving Campaign, some new products on[...]
Destiny 2 Bring Back The Solstice Of Heroes Event
Bungie has brought back a Destiny 2 event during the Season of the Splicer as the Solstice of Heroes returns this year The event gives you a chance to find a little bit of glory with your Guardians, as well as seeking out items like treasure, armor, and a new Legendary weapon among them This[...]
Destiny 2: Season Of The Splicer Will Drop On May 11th
It's the end of May, and given the cadence of a seasonal update schedule, Bungie is already hard at work on Destiny 2's next season's content So, what changes does Bungie need to prioritize for season 15? I have five suggestions. First, more Gambit maps Gambit (a PvEvP mode) is in a free fall with only[...]