Could Galactus Bring Another Black Hole To Fortnite?

If you believe what's been fed out of the rumor mill this weekend, Galactus' arrival in Fortnite could spark another black hole. For those who may be unfamiliar, back in mid-October 2019, the developers sent the gaming world into a tailspin of sorts when their final event for Season 10 of Fortnite threw everything into a black hole. The game was literally dead for over 24 hours as people wondered what was going on. Eventually, it came back starting a brand new round of seasons on a new island, but ever since then, there's been this gap of trust between the consumers and the company. Because, at the end of the day, they took away the thing they invested a ton of time and money into it. Which brings us to the latest set of circumstances in the game as Marvel is currently running rampant.

It does make you wonder, where do you go from here? Courtesy of Epic Games.
It does make you wonder, where do you go from here? Courtesy of Epic Games.

As we already reported, Galactus, the eater of worlds, will be coming to the game on December 1st, 2020. We know they're gonna do something involving the character and the destruction of the island, that's pretty much a foregone conclusion. But that does make us wonder, what comes after this? If you believe the rumors coming out of Twitter, it sounds like the developers are planning to hit the reset button on Fortnite one more time. If that is true, that could cause another fan uproar unlike any we saw before. that said, the last time they went dark for a day, it drew national news attention. Only time will tell if sometime next month we end up seeing a gigantic being from space swallow the world whole and something new pops up in its place. But until then, you might wanna get everything in that you can before it vanishes.

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