Curse Of The Dead Gods Received The Eagle's Spire Update

Focus Home Interactive and Passtech Games have released a new update for Curse Of The Dead Gods called The Eagle's Spire. The game is still sitting in Early Access on PC, so any update is basically an addition to what could be considered an unfinished game. So it's kinda hard to tell if this is a special content addition to the title or if it's something that was planned all along and it's now finally being put where it belongs. In any case, the Eagle's Spire update adds an entirely new temple to the mix for you to explore, along with a new set of traps, weapons, enemies, bosses, and more for you to find along the way. We got more info below from the developers about it as well as a trailer for you to enjoy that will show off a little of what you can expect.

Curse Of The Dead Gods Received The Eagle's Spire Update
Credit: Focus Home Interactive

We are pleased to bring another major update to the Early Access period for roguelite Curse Of The Dead Gods. A month after the last update that brought new weapon types and deep rework of the armory system, today's Eagle Spire update adds an entire new temple to explore and its associated new traps, weapons, enemies, bosses, and much more. Today's trailer and new screenshots show it all off, while players can download the update on Steam now and get playing. One step closer to the final vision for the game, today's update adds the third and final temple to adventure through: the Eagle's Spire, an electrified nightmare of magic and technology fused. This essentially increases the content of the game by a half, adding another set of room layout, weapons, bosses, secrets, traps, and much more. The possible combinations are as endless as the deadly nature of the temple.

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