Darkrai Returns To Pokémon GO Without Dark Void For Some Reason

Dark Void, Darkrai's signature move, was found to be added to Niantic's code in a Pokémon GO datamine ahead of the Halloween 2020 Event. This led many to rightfully predict that Darkrai would be the event's boss. However, when Darkrai raids started, trainers were surprised to see that this Mythical Pokémon did not feature its signature move of Dark Void. Here's what we think trainers should take from this odd occurrence.

Darkrai promotional image in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic
Darkrai promotional image in Pokémon GO. Credit: Niantic

Darkrai not having Dark Void for the Halloween 2020 Event is something that Pokémon GO players can learn from. Here's what we think is the most important takeaways:

  • Datamines usually end up being accurate, but not immediately accurate: Not everything that shows up in the code enters the game. When we report on datamined information, there is a clear divide between what is specifically coming soon and what could be for the future. For example, in the same datamine as the one that discovered Dark Void, an entire Special Research quest dedicated to Galarian Yamask, dialogue and all, was found. This was, due to the wording of the dialogue, glaringly obvious as the Halloween 2020 Special Research. However, something like an attack being added to a Pokémon's move pool is great for speculation, but should not be taken as confirmed for something coming soon to the game.
  • Niantic is going to prioritize a new kind of rollout for Tier Five raid bosses in Pokémon GO: This is important for Pokémon GO players to understand. First, let me break down what I mean by "rollout." In the past, Niantic was able to generate buzz for Legendaries by releasing them multiple times with different perks. There would be hype when a Pokémon was released, hype when it was re-released with its Shiny form, and hype when it was re-released again with its Signature Move. Darkrai already had its Shiny release and was featured twice this year, so many are wondering what is the appeal for this Halloween re-release. It's because of Remote Raid Invites. Now, countless more people are able to easily raid who, before Remote Raid Invites, weren't. Now, in addition to the previous rollouts, Niantic is going to be able to get hype behind a Pokémon's first post-Remote Raid Invites re-release. This is why Darkrai is back and why the featured bosses for November in Pokémon GO are all set to be familiar faces. Because of this, in the coming months, it would be wise for long-time players to prepare for bosses that seem overdone to you to come back.

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