Demeo Adds Miniature Painting To VR Version Of The Game

Resolution Games has added a new update to the VR version of Demeo this week as players can now channel their inner miniature artist. Now you can take things to an entirely different level with the game as they have basically given you the ability to customize figures that are inside the board. As you can see here and from the trailers down below, the team has basically set up a new area called the Painting Party where you and others can go and design figures however you see fit using an array of colors and items at your disposal.

This isn't some major game-breaking thing that will change how it plays, it's basically a fun arts and crafts project as anyone from the dumbest of painters to the most skilled miniature crafters can sit down and paint up a figure for fun. You can read more about what options you have below and check out a couple of videos on the subject as the update is now live in the game

Demeo Adds Miniature Painting To VR Version Of The Game
Credit: Resolution Games
  • Miniature Painting – Gather around the craft table and join your friends for a calming afternoon of painting as you use a variety of brush types and sizes to make the monsters of Demeo uniquely yours — or take out a canvas and create your very own work of art!
  • Boombox – Pop in a cassette and jam' to all new tunes with an 80's flair as you chill with your fellow adventurers.
  • New Lore Books – Get to know the monsters and masters of Demeo better than ever as the Hangouts' library grows with new books focusing on our Bestiary and Heroes.
  • Improved Player Settings – Choose from seated or standing options, free movement or teleportation, and more with new choices that give you even more control over your comfort in the Hangout.

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