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Resolution Games Makes Multiple AR & VR Announcements
Earlier today, Resolution Games held a special livestream in which they revealed multiple announcements for their VR and AR titles Along with some major reveals like Racket Club and Demeo Battles, the team also promoted a number of updates to games that they already have out on the market We got all the details from[...]
Resolution Games To Hold First-Ever VR Games Showcase This Month
Resolution Games announced this week that they would be holding their first-ever VR Games Showcase, taking place later this month On December 15th, the company will be showing off several new VR titles, as well as updates to current games out in the world, which will be broadcast on  YouTube Live and Facebook on Thursday,[...]
Demeo: Reign Of Madness Will Be Released On December 15th
Developer and publisher Resolution Games has unveiled the next major update coming to Demeo, as Reign Of Madness is arriving next month The team has been pretty spot-on when it comes to adding new content to the game on a regular basis Treating it like you would a standard TTRPG like the one they have[...]
Resolution Games Announces Blaston Championship 2022
Resolution Games has announced they will be holding a brand new esports event with the Blaston Championship 2022 in August After having a successful run with esports VRML earlier this year, the company has decided to push further into the realm of competitions with a $10k tournament for the VR title This will be their[...]
Demeo Adds Miniature Painting To VR Version Of The Game
Resolution Games has added a new update to the VR version of Demeo this week as players can now channel their inner miniature artist Now you can take things to an entirely different level with the game as they have basically given you the ability to customize figures that are inside the board As you[...]
Demeo Shows Off Fourth Free Adventure On The Way
Developer and publisher Resolution Games have revealed their next free adventure coming to Demeo, which they will release this June The team behind it has gone to great lengths to make this game a fun callback to a lot of TTRPG titles people grew up with, and this new one is no different as they[...]
Ultimechs Releases First Official Gameplay Trailer
Resolution Games dropped a brand new trailer today for Ultimechs as they showed off more of the title's intense gameplay This 2v2 VR futuresport will put you in the middle of the action as you take on the role of a robot playing a mix of soccer, robotic combat, and a bit of Rocket League[...]
Demeo Reveals The 2022 Roadmap For Content
Resolution Games revealed all of their upcoming plans for the VR RPG Demeo this week as we got a look at the 2022 roadmap Along with the release of the third adventure "Roots of Evil", we got the full rundown of everything they have planned down below Including a new PvP mode, a new hangout,[...]
Resolution Games revealed their latest VR title on the way as players will be competing in a new battle game called Ultimechs The company has already released a few VR titles that have done well for themselves, including Demeo, Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale, and Blaston Now it looks like the team wants to delve into[...]
Tabletops in VR: Demeo Ain't Your Average Dungeon Crawler
Resolution Games released another potential sleeper hit with Demeo in VR, and it's got players talking About in-game concerns, spells, tactics, personal lives—any table-top conversations you'd have with an ordinary D&D night is fair game And in VR, the tabletop concept is fantastic As for Demeo's current execution, and 30 dollar price tag? Even its[...]
Demeo Will Officially Launch Onto VR Platforms On May 6th
Resolution Games revealed this morning that Demeo has an official release date as it will arrive on VR platforms on May 6th The VR strategy game which basically takes the world of Tabletop RPGs and allows you to create whatever you'd like in a virtual game space got a lot of buzz when it was[...]
Resolution Games Releases Gameplay Video For Demeo
Resolution Games revealed a new gameplay video this morning for their upcoming RPG dungeon crawler VR title Demeo The video isn't too long but it's filled with a ton of humor and action as you get to see how the VR elements will play out between you being on the board and you being at[...]
Cook-Out A Sandwich Tale Coming Soon
Resolution Games announced this week that Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale has been released on Oculus Quest and Rift The game is currently available on both the Oculus Quest and Rift for $20 The game will challenge up to four players to serve sandwiches to a forest full of hungry fable creatures Much like you would[...]
Cook-Out A Sandwich Tale Coming Soon
A new weird VR title has been announced today as Resolution Games is bringing us Cook-Out: A Sandwich Tale for Oculus Quest and Rift platforms You might actually be familiar with Resolution as they're the developers behind other VR titles like Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, Bait!, and Acron: Attack of the Squirrels! The[...]
Left 4 Dead Creator Mike Booth Joins Resolution Games
Some interesting news this week from Resolution Games as they announced that Mike Booth, creator of Left 4 Dead, has joined their team Having a hand in several Valve, Blizzard Entertainment, and Electronic Arts games over the years, as well as being a co-founder of Turtle Rock Studios, Booth is an amazing talent in the[...]