Disruptor Beam Reveals New FXX Mobile Game "Archer: Danger Phone"

Fans of the FXX series Archer will be happy to know there's a mobile game based on the show coming out called Archer: Danger Phone. The game is being developed by Disruptor Beam, who are basically taking all of the good things about the show from the humor to the running gags and mixing it into a narrative-driven game. Don't worry, it's based on the time the show was actually focused on being a spy agency, and not an alternate reality or fever dream. You can sign up for the game, but no word yet on when it will actually come out.

Disruptor Beam Announces New FXX Mobile Game "Archer: Danger Phone"
Credit: Disruptor Beam

Set in Archer's high-stakes world of international espionage, Archer: Danger Phone is a narrative-driven idle game that tasks players with running their own super-secret spy agency — where the only hope of success is to make tons of money while ensuring their hapless agents don't screw up too badly. Players can relive their favorite Archer moments and enjoy brand new, original storylines in-game, while experiencing unique scenes, visuals, character art and animations taken directly from the show. Fans will be able to collect their favorite agents, villains, and killer cyborgs and send them off on top-secret, exotic missions around the world to gain awesome rewards. Participate in boss fights, blow up the agency headquarters, and hustle your way to success with outlandish money-making schemes!

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