Dragon Ball Super CG Direct Reveals Mythic Booster SCR: Cell Xeno

Bandai has released the second episode of DBSCG Direct to YouTube. This series sees the developers of the Dragon Ball Super Card Game talk directly to fans, giving collectors and players previews of upcoming products. This specific episode focused on the upcoming Mythic Booster, a set that will be comprised entirely of reprints of older cards with updated artwork. In this episode, the set's first Secret Rare was revealed to be the popular card "Cell Xeno" featuring a version of the iconic villain Cell from another timeline who has been corrupted.

DBSCG Reveals Cell SCR. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game
DBSCG Reveals Cell SCR. Credit: Dragon Ball Super Card Game

Here's what DBSCG Direct co-hosts and Dragon Ball Super Card Game developers Rokushi Suzuki and Yutaro Tada had to say about the newly revealed SCR (Secret Rare) reprint of Cell Xeno that will be available in the upcoming Mythic Booster:

Rokushi Suzuki: This is the first time a Secret Rare is being reprinted in a product. We have one of them here with us today so please take a look. I think this card should require no explanation. [Cell Xeno] is getting brand new design and art. Which looks like this. Check it out. Is that cool or what? Really showcases how immense and terrifying he is. We hope collectors will be excited to pick these up. It'll be up to you to decide which ones go in decks… but definitely try to pick up the full set!

Yutaro Tada: Mythic Booster and Gift Collection are set to go on sale in the Winter.

Originally printed in Universal Onslaught, the ninth main series Dragon Ball Super Card Game expansion, the card which has the full title of "Cell Xeno, Unspeakable Abomination" has been one of the game's most iconic SCRs. It has had a major role in competitive gameplay, which is what tends to drive value and interest in the Dragon Ball Super Card Game often above things like character focus and popularity.

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