Drone Swarm Gets A New Trailer Produced By Michael Bay's 451 Media

Astragon Entertainment and developer Stillalive Studios revealed a new trailer this week for their upcoming game Drone Swarm. The group was extra happy to show this one off as the trailer itself was given some special care. The universe and story of the game came about through a collaboration between Stillalive and Michael Bay's 451 Media, who will also be publishing comic books for the game that will tell the prequel story. Enjoy the trailer below as Drone Swarm will be released on PC sometime this year.

Humanity's last hope lies within these drones, courtesy of Astragon Entertainment.
Humanity's last hope lies within these drones, courtesy of Astragon Entertainment.

When Earth laid in ruins and only a few survivors were left to hopelessly fight the swarm, Ayden subconsciously found out that he is the key to end this destruction – but it came with a heavy price: he had to sacrifice his own life. Ayden was able to transfer is soul into a drone and with this gained the ability to control it. Other 32.000 human psionics like Ayden resolved to sacrifice themselves as well to save the remains of humanity. This was how the psionics became mankind's last hope. Another powerful psionic, Eva, discovered her special connection to the Sphere itself. Through it she was able understand its nature and found a way to build the Argo – an interstellar ship built around the Sphere designed for the search of New Earth.

With the swarm now under human control you lead this mission as Captain Carter – the swarm is yours to command. But you are not alone, your fellow crew members will help you to accomplish your mission. But be careful, there are risks waiting. You will encounter unknown alien races. The Voohr and the Dashan are the two dominant factions in this region of the galaxy, only it is not predictable whether they are willing to talk or whether it will come to inevitable conflicts.

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