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Firefighting Simulator – The Squad To Arrive On Consoles
Astragon Entertainment and developer Chronos Unterhaltungssoftware announced Firefighting Simulator – The Squad is coming to consoles The game has already been released onto PC as you battle fires using real-world equipment and vehicles in this simulation title, which will somewhat accurately give you the experience of being a firefighter dealing with tough situations Now you'll[...]
Construction Simulator Receives New Multiplayer Trailer
Astragon Entertainment has released a new trailer today for Construction Simulator, showing off the multiplayer gameplay The team behind the game has basically taken the franchise and revamped it for a new generation of consoles, as you'll be able to experience it on PC and next-gen platforms with all new tools, vehicles, and ways to[...]
Construction Simulator Shows Off Brands In Latest Trailer
Astragon Entertainment and Weltenbauer Software Entwicklung revealed some of the brands working with them in Construction Simulator Much like other games in this genre, the team has made partnerships with certain companies to bring about their designs to the game to add a bit of realism They have racked up quite a list as they[...]
Police Simulator: Patrol Officers To Receive New Update
Astragon Entertainment revealed this week they have a new update coming to Police Simulator: Patrol Officers to boost some of the gameplay Developer Aesir Interactive is still working on the game in Early Access and has slowly been adding new content with each update This latest one simply called "The Holding Cells" will enable your[...]
Astragon Entertainment Reveals Police Simulator: Patrol Officers
Astragon Entertainment has revealed a new game on the way that was probably poorly timed with Police Simulator: Patrol Officers Developed by Aesir Interactive, the game will essentially have you acting like patrol officers do, roaming the streets making sure things are okay, and responding to calls as necessary The game will release sometime this[...]
Drone Swarm Gets A New Trailer Produced By Michael Bay's 451 Media
Astragon Entertainment and developer Stillalive Studios revealed a new trailer this week for their upcoming game Drone Swarm The group was extra happy to show this one off as the trailer itself was given some special care The universe and story of the game came about through a collaboration between Stillalive and Michael Bay's 451[...]