Drop Dead: The Cabin VR Announced For February 2023

Developer Soul Assembly revealed that they will be bringing Drop Dead: The Cabin VR over to Meta Quest 2 in February 2023. This game will have you starting off as two lost backpackers who stumble across an old abandoned cabin with a strange presence about it. Having no choice but you take refuge at night with an eerie fog drawing in, they get an old generator working for the home to light up while they call for someone to rescue them. However, the two of them quickly realize they are not alone. Somewhere out in the woods, they are being surrounded by an odd-looking horde of hideous proto-zombies. It will be up to you to figure out how to survive the night. You can check out the latest trailer for the game down at the bottom as we wait for the game to get a proper release date.

Drop Dead: The Cabin VR Announced For February 2023
Credit: Soul Assembly

Lost in a dark forest, two backpackers stumble across a strange old abandoned cabin. Taking refuge from the eerie fog drawing in, they fire up the rusty generator and the house lights crackle into life as they attempt to call for rescue. Yet they are not alone, for out of the surrounding darkness emerges a strange horde of hideous proto-zombies created by the mad scientist Dr Monday. They have been waiting deep in the woods for fresh meat and are hungry for brains!

  • In your face, co-op movie-style action experience.
  • Innovative real-time evolving light and dark based gameplay mechanic.
  • Easy to play, difficult to master – 20-30 runs to first completion! No two playthroughs will ever be the same.
  • Open-level design encourages exploration and discovery. Players can use the environment to their advantage.
  • Creative, original, and visually impactful zombie and set designs.
  • Gun and melee combat – tactile interactions utilize physics-based model and advanced haptics.

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