Dungeons And Dragons 5E Gets A Digital Toolbox

If you're like me when it comes to D&D, you probably ditched the paperwork involved with creating a character a while ago in favor of one of the apps you can get for smartphones. They aren't official character sheets, but they've become a time saver that parses out all the information you need. Because let's be honest, it can be trouble keeping track of just what does what in Dungeons & Dragons: 5th Edition sometimes. Well, Wizards Of The Coast liked that idea so much, they've decided to make one of their own!


This week, WotC announced a partnership with Curse (Gamepedia and MinecraftForum.net) to create "D&D Beyond," a completely immersive and interactive system that works hand-in-hand with the current edition and rules of the game. This is the first time the company itself is offering such a tool, which you can see works with a browser, smartphone and tablet devices. The trailer for it looks impressive too as it alludes to the fact that you'll get everything needed to run and manage a campaign, as well as character creation prior to and during a game. Included in the package will be information for rules, character building, digital character sheets, guides to races, classes, items, spells, and monsters.


It'll be interesting to see how gamers integrate this system into their current gameplay, especially those who have gone almost completely tech with their systems including electronic game tables and auto-number generators for randomized dice rolls. It's also unclear if you can play the game remotely with friends by connecting everyone up into a single campaign or if this is simply so everyone has their own copy of everything basic so they can manage their character and look up items as needed. I would love to see everything connected, though I'm sure there are some purists who would argue that you're taking the spirit out of the game. We'll see how it all shapes up during the beta before the app is released this summer.

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