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The Epic Games Store Adds Apps To Their Platform
This morning, Epic Games revealed that they have decided to add apps to the Epic Games Store platform for you to use The five that have been added for your use are, iHeartRadio, Brave, Krita, and KenShape However, due to its location and music rights, iHeartRadio can only be used in North America[...]
Nintendo Switch's 5.0.0 Firmware Update Leaked by Parental Controls App
The next firmware update for the Nintendo Switch may have been leaked early thanks to the Nintendo Switch Parental Controls app. The app's latest iOS update references the Nintendo Switch system version 5.0.0, which means we'll be seeing a new firmware update for the hybrid console relatively soon.
Dungeons And Dragons 5E Gets A Digital Toolbox
If you're like me when it comes to D&D, you probably ditched the paperwork involved with creating a character a while ago in favor of one of the apps you can get for smartphones They aren't official character sheets, but they've become a time saver that parses out all the information you need[...]
DC Launches New Comics Related App
DC has launched a new phone app called DC All-Access... where have we heard that name before? The new app showcases a variety of things like their films,
Alan Moore Gives Us A Tour Of 'Big Nemo' & The Digital World Of Electricomics
It may well change the demographic of creators who feel comfortable using digital technology to create apps as well, since the architecture of the toolkit has been created with accessibility as a central concern. Alan Moore joins us for the second part of his interview on Electricomics, in this segment focusing in on the tools that[...]