Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Tabletop Game of the Year

When you sit down and look at what every game had achieved over 2018, it's hard to compare what Dungeons & Dragons did for their own brand this past year. We already covered it in the Best Tabletop category what they did with the three books they released this year, as well as what they've […]

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Bleeding Cool's Best in Gaming 2018: Best Tabletop RPG

While we had a lot of good tabletop RPGs come out with content this year, it was kind of hard to deny Dungeons & Dragons the top spot in 2018. The company released three books this year that really set the tone of things to come, starting with Waterdeep: Dragon Heist which was a starter adventure […]

Dungeons & Dragons Brings Back The Elder Evils and Star Spawn

Tomorrow we'll have our review of the latest Dungeons & Dragons rules book Mordenkainen's Tome of Foes, but before that, we got one more villain to show off brought to you by the fine minds behind D&D Beyond. D&D's Jeremy Crawford takes part in the video below again, as he talks about how the game has reintroduced Star Spawn and […]

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Streamlining The Adventure: A Good Look At 'D&D Beyond'

When D&D Beyond was first announced, the possibilities of the browser-based system were too tremendous to ignore. When browsing through the beta earlier this year, we got a taste of things to come and it seemed that playing Dungeons & Dragons had a great chance of becoming much easier than it used to. Sure, I […]

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Curse Launches 'D&D Beyond' A Digital Resource For Dungeons & Dragons

D&D Beyond is now officially live. Curse has launched the official digital toolset for Dungeons & Dragons fifth edition, bringing the 40-year old RPG game firmly into the online realm. The digital companion web app allows you to manage your characters and gives you instant access to the information you need to play the game. […]

A Look Into D&D Beyond's Beta And How It Holds Up

I've been a Dungeons & Dragons player for many years. I love the game for about a dozen different reasons, but one of the biggest hassles in my lifetime of playing has been looking up information. A Player's Handbook is basically one of the game's most required elements for reading and planning. I got away […]

Dungeons And Dragons 5E Gets A Digital Toolbox

If you're like me when it comes to D&D, you probably ditched the paperwork involved with creating a character a while ago in favor of one of the apps you can get for smartphones. They aren't official character sheets, but they've become a time saver that parses out all the information you need. Because let's […]