Eevee Heroes Is The New Japanese Pokémon TCG Set

Just a few days ago, two new Japanese-language Pokémon TCG sets dropped: Silver Lance and Jet Black Poltergeist. These sister sets focus on Calyrex in both of its forms respectively and will combine in part with March 2021's Japanese set, Matchless Fighter, to make up the June 2021 English-language set, Chilling Reign. We now know what the next Japanese-language TCG set will be, and it focuses on one of the most popular Pokémon of all time and its many evolutions: Eevee. Eevee Heroes is the next Sword & Shield-branded expansion. Let's take a look at what this set will offer for those who collect Japanese Pokémon TCG products and what this might mean for English-language collectors.

Pokémon TCG's Eevee Heroes. Credit: PokeBeach
Pokémon TCG's Eevee Heroes. Credit: PokeBeach

Here's what we know so far about Eevee Heroes in Japan:

  • Certain VMAX cards will be available in the main set while others will be in products called "VMAX Special Set – Eevee Heroes." These special products will come with one promo pack where collections will get one of the four promos (listed below) and eight Eevee Heroes standard packs.
    • Available in Eevee Heroes booster packs: Umbreon VMAX, Leafeon VMAX, Glaceon VMAX, and Sylveon VMAX.
    • Available in VMAX Special Set – Eevee Heroes: Vaporeon VMAX, Jolteon VMAX, Flareon VMAX, or Espeon VMAX.
  • The Rapid Strike and Single Strike mechanic introduced to the Pokémon TCG this year will continue through the set.
  • The trend of Sword & Shield era sets to include a Gold Card featuring a Shiny continues this time with Shiny Inteleon as a Secret Rare.
  • Puzzle cards will be introduced and will be added to the packs as an additional card. These cards can be used to play an actual game. It is not clear yet what the game will be or if these cards will connect to others.
  • The set will include Alternate Arts, with some information claiming it will have perhaps the highest number of Alternate Arts of any set yet.
  • All Eeveelutions will be in the main set as Pokémon V.
  • A tie-in product called Eeveelution Set will be released featuring two booster boxes of Eevee Heroes, sleeves, a deck box, a storage box, and the VMAX Promo Pack from the Special Set.
  • Eevee Heroes releases May 28th in Japan and will feature 69 cards in the main numbered set. It is unconfirmed how many Secret Rares there will be.

Currently, it is difficult to predict how Eevee Heroes will be released for the English-language Pokémon TCGAll we know right now is that after Chilling Reign in June, there will be two more standard expansions released in August and November and, likely between those, the official 25th Anniversary special set on which we have no details.

This is pure speculation, but I'd guess Eevee Heroes will likely combine with the cards from Matchless Fighter, Jet Black Poltergeist, and Silver Lance that didn't make it into Chilling Reign to make up our August 2021 Sword & Shield expansion. Really, though, who knows? Until then, it'll be fun to see the cards begin to show up online.

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