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Arcadegeddon Releases Brand-New 1.2.0 Update

We have the full rundown from IllFonic of the latest update they have added to Arcadegeddon, including the livestream.

IllFonic has released a new update for Arcadegeddon this past week, providing a number of key upgrades to the game that feel like an enhancement. The update has given people a ton of new weapons and armor that now beef up the way you compete, as well as adding some strategy to the mix. They've also made some much-needed changes and improvements to the gameplay, which you'll see immediately. We have the full rundown from the team below, as well as the livestream that showed off all of the new content.

Arcadegeddon Releases New Update
Credit: IllFonic


  • Nine new weapons: Players will have the chance to acquire:  Perforator (Miligrade SMG), Boomstick (Miligrade Shotgun), Bouncing Benny (Nanotech Grenade Launcher), Cold 45 (Zero Cool Pistol), Hot Shot (Infernal Assault Rifle), Corruptor (Acid Burn Pistol), Bile Blaster (Acid Burn Shotgun), Slosher (Acid Burn Grenade Launcher), Toxic Revenger (Acid Burn Rocket Launcher)
  • New Weapon Qualities (Mythic, Cosmic, Divine): Players can find and grind weapons to three new quality levels, along with unlocking three new skins to match.
  • New Acid Weapon Manufacturer (FFC added): New weapon manufacturer Named ACID BURN has created weapons that inflict DOT Acid damage to players. Acid damage can also cause acid pools to drip from the enemies and spread around the level. Acid damage does 1.2x damage to armor.
  • New Weapon Upgrade Machine: Players can choose to upgrade any weapon in their current inventory +1 quality level for a price on each Vendor tile.
  • New Armor system: Now converts shields to armor. Armor has a 50% reduction to all damage except Acid. But remember armor can only be repaired through Pay2Live stations and health pickups.

Game Play

  • New Hacks and Hack terminal: Choose from 30 new hacks that include – Thermal, Grounded, Frosty,  Acid Burn, Demolisher, Infernal, Nanotech, Giga-Volt, Zero Cool, Storm Witch, Pyromancer, Plague Wizard, Enrage, Avalanche, Featherweight, Heavyweight, Toxic Splash, Shock Wave, Flame Burst, and many more. Didn't get the hack you wanted or want to try a new one? Visit the Hack Terminal that allows players to sell hacks or upgrade hacks by sacrificing two others.
  • New Plugins: Try your hand at eight new Plugins – Bullet Town, Angelic, Second Surge, Resistor, Harden, Vampire, Shopping for Shields, and Last Chance.
  • New Puzzles: Color Glitch, Protect the Exploit, Enemy Assassinate. Three new objective puzzle types that can spawn in all arena and end tiles – watch your back!
  • Arcadegeddon Berserker: Enemies can now spawn affixed with the Berserker effect. This gives enemies double the damage received and dealt – OUCH! It also increases their speed and makes them appear angry and red.
  • New Mini Bosses: Certain enemies can now spawn as mini-bosses during normal gameplay. This gives them special weapons and way more health – thanks, FFC! They also have distinct healthbars.
  • New Horde Mode: To survive this mode, players must complete waves of increasingly difficult enemies alone or with up to three friends. Complete this mode for a ticket bonus and a collectible doll. But beware… FFC has gone all out on these enemies.
  • New Boss Rush Mode: Allows a player to play boss battles exclusively. This mode allows unique weapons to gain experience and/or be unlocked to be used as a starter weapon. This mode unlocks after acquiring five collectible figurine dolls. The mode also comes with new dedicated Leaderboards!

More Arcadegeddon Additions

  • New Human Head Cosmetics offers six new ancestral heads.
  • Updated Hologram Cosmetics with Tints offers holographic cosmetics that can now be tinted in different colors.
  • Rebalanced Weapons and Loot offers full rebalance of all weapons and loot drops.

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