Electro Ride: The Neon Racing Arrives On Nintendo Switch

Over the holiday, Ultimate Games S.A. released a new game for the Nintendo Switch as Electro Ride: The Neon Racing is now out. The game was originally released back in July on PC and did pretty well with racing fans as you're driving cars out of Eastern Europe during a specific period in time. A lot of the cars look kinda funky and even sketchy, as they are presented in neon colors for you to drive around these somewhat fictional city streets. You can read a little bit more about the game below and check out the Nintendo Switch trailer for it as well, as the game is available for you to play right now.

I wonder if they have The Mukha from The Simpsons in here... Courtesy of Ultimate Games S.A.
I wonder if they have The Mukha from The Simpsons in here… Courtesy of Ultimate Games S.A.

Electro Ride: The Neon Racing offers the players several very different game modes. The main one is the extensive story mode, which takes approximately 4 hours to complete on the easiest difficulty setting. In this mode, the players compete in various types of races, and from time to time they have to face a boss. Additional modes are also available, including time attack, last man standing, and ghost race. Electro Ride: The Neon Racing also features split-screen multiplayer.

The cars are modelled on vehicles developed in the 20th century in Eastern Bloc countries, including the Polish People's Republic, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Bulgaria and the USSR. The creator of the game emphasizes that motoring fans shouldn't have any problems with recognising the inspirations behind the neon speed demons. The tracks themselves are also based on cities which belonged to the communist sphere of influence in the years 1945-1989 (including Warsaw, East Berlin, Prague, Sofia and Moscow).

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