Elite Dangerous Receives The New Fleet Carrier Update

A brand new update has come to Elite Dangerous as Frontier Developments have released the Fleet Carrier update into the game. The update is available for PC, PS4, and Xbox One so no one is left behind on this one. The shorthand version is that you're getting some mighty massive ships to explore the galaxy in. They basically provide a better way for you to explore the vast reaches of space by having what is essentially a remote base that can fly anywhere it wants at your disposal, along with plenty of places for you to land on it and get supplies. We got screenshots and the latest trailer for it below, along with a more detailed description from the developers about it. Enjoy getting out further into space with a little bit of comfort and security. Not the greatest, but better than nothing.

Elite Dangerous Receives The New Fleet Carrier Update
Credit: Frontier Developments

Fleet Carriers have arrived, and they bring all kinds of exciting possibilities for all Elite Dangerous Commanders. With a 500-light-year jump range, Fleet Carriers provide a new platform for deep-space exploration and long-range travel, equipped with every essential players could ever need. No matter where you are in space, you are home on a Fleet Carrier.

Offering a range of on-board services, capabilities, and customisation options, Fleet Carriers are truly tailored to suit any play style, offering the ability to rearm, refuel, and repair on the go. They can be upgraded with a range of services, from Universal Cartographics and Outfitting, to your own personal Redemption Officer. Those extra amenities can make Fleet Carriers' owners earn extra when visiting Commanders sell bonds, buy modules, and more.

Thanks to these mega ships' 16 landing pads capacity, it has never been easier to organise whole squadron of Commanders to explore the furthest reaches of space. Feet Carriers' proprietors retain full landing clearance, having the last word about who has permission to come on-board. It is up to them to decide if they want to give refuge to wanted criminals or protect their good name.

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