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A Gamer Invented A Way To Speak To Aliens In Elite: Dangerous
Originally posted on Kotaku, a player by the name of Benjamin "Heisenberg6626" Bahr has been figuring out a way to communicate on Elite: Dangerous with the aliens from the game The title itself has been out for almost three years, and due to players having issues communicating with the Thargoids, Bahr decided to do something about it[...]
Elite: Dangerous Is Going To Get A Full Release On Xbox One In October
Elite: Dangerous is a great game The depth and quality of the title is alluring, and the way you can carve out a life for yourself on the frontier of space is an awesome experience (at least if you are okay seeing most of your progress hidden in menus.) It was one of the first games[...]
Elite: Dangerous Is Coming To Xbox One This Year
I'm a big fan of what Frontier Games are doing with Elite: Dangerous as I've written about before The game is doing decently on PC with a community eagerly waiting for each update for the beta. The pool of players is about to grow though During Microsoft's GDC conference, it was announced that Elite: Dangerous would[...]
Elite: Dangerous First Impressions – Trucking Across the Milky Way
At that point, I see the rest of my life in front of me. When people describe the crew of the Nostromo in Alien as "Truckers in space", this must be pretty close to what they mean. Over the Christmas holiday, I got familiar with Frontier Games' Elite: Dangerous If you've never heard of the Elite franchise, well[...]