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Jurassic World Evolution 2 Receives Its First Developer Diary
Frontier Developments has shared its first developer diary this morning as we get a better look at their upcoming sequel Jurassic World Evolution 2 The first installment will give you a somewhat guided tour with Game Director Rich Newbold, Executive Producer Adam Woods, and Lead Designer Jim Stimpson, as the trio give you a better[...]
Planet Zoo Will Be Getting The Africa Pack On Tuesday
Frontier Developments will be releasing a new Africa Pack of content for Planet Zoo on June 22nd with a few new animals to display The pack will come as part of the 1.6 Update, which will bring in more options from northern Africa including the Meerkat, the Fennec Fox, the African Penguin, the Southern White Rhinoceros, and the Sacred Scarab[...]
Frontier Developments Reveals Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
After being pushed back earlier this year, Frontier Developments revealed today that Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will release on May 19th Right now the company is in the middle of getting the Alpha phase over with, which will conclude on April 30th as they're still taking in all the notes from participants and getting everything finalized[...]
Planet Zoo Will Receive The Southeast Asia & 1.5 Update This Month
Frontier Developments have a new update on the way for Planet Zoo, as players will soon be getting some additional attractions The Southeast Asia pack will be coming on March 30th and will include animals from the region, some of them so exclusive you barely see them at any zoo outside of those areas But[...]
Frontier Developments Reveals Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
Frontier Developments revealed this week that they will start the PC Alpha test of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey on March 29th, 2021 The game was recently pushed back with a new timetable in place for them to get their stuff together, and it seems they now have a clearer idea of how the game is going[...]
Planet Coaster: Console Edition Just Got Two New Additions
Frontier Developments has released two new packs of content into Planet Coaster: Console Edition as players can get some new designs The two packs in question are the Vintage pack and the World's Fair pack, both of which have been on PC for a couple of years, so it's nice to see them being added[...]
Frontier Developments Reveals Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
Frontier Developments revealed today that they have pushed back their release of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey with a new schedule The company sent out information to the media this morning alerting us and fans that there has been a change in how things will be working out First off, the Alpha for the game will be[...]
Frontier Developments Reveals Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
Frontier Developments release a new gameplay trailer last week for Elite Dangerous: Odyssey during The Game Awards 2020 Complete with a bit of David Bowie's "Space Oddity" as a backing track, the trailer gives a glimpse into the worlds that you will be exploring using in-game footage rather than creating a bunch of produced videos[...]
Planet Zoo Releases The New Aquatic Pack This Week
Now you too can have cute penguins for people to look at in your park as Frontier Developments released the Aquatic Pack for Planet Zoo The pack will officially go live on December 8th and run you $10 to add Like most packs, you're getting a new set of animals to add as well as[...]
Bryce Dallas Howard Appears In New Jurassic World Evolution Expansion
Frontier Developments have released a new developer diary for Jurassic World Evolution: Complete Edition before it gets released This version of the game comes complete with the base version as well as off of the DLC packs and additions made to the game later on so you have the entire experience PC players have been[...]
Planet Coaster Releases A Console Edition Gameplay Trailer
As Planet Coaster: Console Edition slowly makes its way toward a release date, Frontier Developments have released a new dev diary The team has already released a couple of these as back in August they had you Met the Makers at Frontier who were working on this version of the game, and then in September,[...]
Frontier Developments Reveals Elite Dangerous: Odyssey
Frontier Developments revealed another developer's diary as they make their way to the next expansion with Elite Dangerous: Odyssey Back in August, they released the first video in which they show how the next installment of the game will be a big divergence from where they've previously been Not to mention how it will impact you[...]
Elite Dangerous Will Make Horizons Expansion Free In October
Frontier Developments revealed this week that they will be giving away Elite Dangerous: Horizons to all players for free According to the developers, the immense amount of content will be folded into the base game for free for all owners on October 27th, giving players the complete Horizons experience in a free update on PC,[...]
RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition Is Coming September 24th
Frontier Developments revealed this week that RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Complete Edition will be released on PC and Nintendo Switch As you might suspect, this is going to be everything ever released for the game in one collection so you can do everything in the main game and then tackle all of the expansions and add-ons[...]
Planet Coaster Will Be Released For Mac Players In November
Aspyr and Frontier Developments revealed this week that they will finally be bringing Planet Coaster over to Mac, finally giving those players a shot at the game For the most part, the game is going to remain the same beyond menu controls and a few other odds and ends, giving Mac players the same experience[...]