Epic Games Has Added The Joyride Update Into Fortnite

This morning, Epic Games dropped a new update into Fortnite as you can now zip around the map with a bunch of new cars. The Joyride Update is basically what it sounds like, as you now have access to spawned vehicles that you can get in and drive around the map. Not entirely a first for the game, but super special in the fact that these are powerful, fast, and deadly vehicles that are not for the timid. The update has added four new cars called the Islander Prevalent (a stable car), Victory Motors Whiplash (super speedy), OG Bear (a truck with muscle), and Titano Mudflap (a big rig that will mow you down). Each and every one of them come with their own benefits and problems, depending now hat you need in the immediate or if you just need a car to get out of somewhere in a pinch.

Enjoy battling with cars in Fortnite, courtesy of Epic Games.
Enjoy battling with cars in Fortnite, courtesy of Epic Games.

Oh, and there's also one other little snag that you might have forgotten about: they all run on gas. Yes, that tired old trope of realism is back as you'll need to fuel these cars up depending on how much you use them. Also, they all consume fuel at different rates, so you could need a refill faster than you need to reload ammo. In case you run our of gas, you can find a Gas Pump or grab one of the refillable Gas Cans scattered around the island. Also, there's one other little feature included that can help you out if you need be, as you can turn on the radio in the car and blast the music on high. This can serve as either sa great distraction or just background music for when you wide the map clean.

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