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Eresys Aiming To Launch In Early Access This Month

Dragonis Games announced that they are planning to release their next game, the co-op horror title Eresys, in a few weeks.

Indie developer Ares Dragonis and publisher Dragonis Games revealed their next game on the way with the co-op horror title Eresys. The game will mix up Lovecraftian settings with teamwork as a party of four will head off to face fears as a team and bring an end to events that have been triggered by the sudden appearance of horrifying entities. As of right now, the plan is to release the game on April 20th for players to try in Early Access, with a possible release later this year. We have more info and a trailer about it below.

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Credit: Dragonis Games

"An expelled cultist has unleashed a Void Portal on a cut-off island, leading to the death of the inhabitants and himself, you and your fellow cultists need to send the entity back from where it came from and seal the portal. Claim the sources that are needed to complete the offer of the altars, complete the final ritual to send the entity back and seal the portal before it's too late."

  • Smart Mechanics – Only by working as a team will you come out of this forest alive.
  • Smart AI – Those entities are not your typical kind of "Monsters". They will calculate all your choices and actions. This will also have an immediate impact on their AI and create new ways to devour you.
  • Unexpected Events – It could be a small coin or an idol, anything that is linked to the occult that could trigger a surprising and unexpected event. You never know what is hiding behind each item.
    Variety of gameplay elements, including caves, safe houses, and altars.
  • Cave System – Caves can be good hideouts but also hide sinister surprises. "Be prepared".
  • Safe Houses – Houses and other buildings can provide temporary safety. Hidden lootable items and resources can be found, which you will need to complete the final ritual.
  • The Book – The book is given from the start to one of the players, this action will decide the keeper of the book. The book of the order can resurrect one of your teammates but with unexpected consequences.
  • Scrolls – Have been made by The Order, as a temporary solution to dissipate the monsters that are chasing you. Each scroll can be used only once and has this effect for a short period.
  • Pages – The book of the order has missing pages, to complete the final ritual, you will have to gather every missing page.
  • Victims – The enchanted victims and other resources can be found around the island which was used by the cultist. You have to gather their blood and fill your vials with it.
  • The Oil Lamps – The Entities have been in the void for eons and they are not familiar with the Light. Stick together with your teammates with at least 2 lamps lit. This will be one of the many ways to keep them at a distance. Remember that you will need oil to refill the lamps.
  • Altars – Altars are a manifestation from the necroworld summoned by the expelled cultist. Offer them blood and they will reward you with blood spheres.

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