Evil West Reveals New Co-Op Gameplay In Latest Trailer

Focus Entertainment has dropped a new trailer today revealing the co-op mode and gameplay for their upcoming game Evil West. The latest video goes into a little bit of depth about what you'll be able to accomplish in the game with a buddy. You'll be able to host and invite a friend on a segment of your journey, or you can work as a team throughout the entire game and take on all of the missions together. Essentially shooting your way through monsters in tandem as you'll have access to unique and explosive combos that you'll only be able to use with another player. You'll also have the ability to mix and match your characters' weapons and skills depending on what you need at any given point. Enjoy the trailer before the game drops on November 22nd.

Evil West Confirms PC & Console Release This September
Credit: Focus Entertainment

"Get to know Jesse Rentier, the skilled, young vampire slayer you'll incarnate in Evil West. Star agent of the Rentier Institute, a secret monster-hunting organization led by his father and many generations of Rentier before him, he'll have to take the action into his own hands after a deadly vampiric conspiracy emerges from the darkness and wipes out the Institute. With the help of Edgar Gravenor, another survivor from the Institute, he'll have to battle fierce foes and demystify the conspiracy while rebuilding the organization and becoming the leader it needs."

"To reach his goal, Jesse will explore every corner of the Wild West, looking for new Institute members and valuable leads on the conspiracy, taking money from abandoned chests and corpses, and growing his arsenal of weapons. Armed with both old-fashioned firearms and advanced technology like the lightning-fueled Rentier Gauntlet, each with its own skill tree for customized upgrades, you're free to combine Jesse's weapons and tools to your liking. Take on explosive combat encounters with your own mix of powerful ranged attacks and devastating melee combos."

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