EwinRacing Makes One Heck of a Comfortable (and Affordable) Gaming Chair

Last week I received a new addition to my home office: an EwinRacing Series gaming chair. Right off the bat I can tell you this is one of the nicest chairs I've ever owned. It got here fairly quickly — less than a week — and only took a half hour to set up. The directions are simple and to the point, so anyone can put one of these together–just be sure you have enough room to do so. I adjusted the set to what felt comfortable, and bam! Brand-new chair.

As you can see, it's an attractive black and white chair. It's sleek, eye-catching, and extremely comfortable. I can sit here comfortably for a few hours at a time, though I do suggest getting up and walking around once an hour! The only downside is the leather had a very small tear on the seat, possibly from shipping. It doesn't ruin the experience for me, and it's something I can even fix myself. That being said, the best thing about this chair is the lumbar support. It forces me to sit up straighter, which helps to reduce any back pain I would normally get from sitting for long periods of time.

If you're thinking of picking up a new gaming chair (or just a general office chair), give EwinRacing a shot, and be sure to use cod BC15 to save 15% off of your next order.

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