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Secretlab revealed a new addition to their Titan EVO 2022 gaming chair as they have introduced Skins to the mix The company has created a line of attachable skins for your chair so that in case you can't get the etched-in look you want from a model that's sold out, you can get it in[...]
Secretlab Unveils New Naruto Shippuden Collection
Secretlab revealed this week they have formed a new partnership with VIZ Media to create a special pair of Naruto Shippuden gaming chairs As you can see from the image below, both of these chairs have been given a cool design as the Titan Evo 2022 has been created to make a Naruto Edition (left)[...]
FaZe Clan and Respawn Team Up For New Gaming Chair Branding
Respawn announced this morning they have formed a new partnership with esports organization FaZe Clan for two new branded gaming chairs The company has released a new look for the Respawn 110 and the Respawn Flexx, both of which have been branded with FaZe's logo and designs meant to invoke gamer vibes and decor while[...]
We Review The Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Gaming Chair
As people are starting to look for possible options for gaming chairs this holiday season, Secretlab has its latest offering with the Titan Evo 2022 This is the latest version of the series in which they have incorporated several features not seen in previous chairs, attempting to improve on what they had already set up[...]
Vertagear PL6800 Gaming Chair: Great For Bigger Bodies - A Review
To that effect, we got ahold of a free review sample from Vertagear – a PL6800 gaming chair – and here's what we have to say about it! An angled shot of the Vertagear PL6800 gaming chair, shown here in Carbon Black style. Today, approximately one month after receiving press coverage, Vertagear's PL6800 Carbon Black gaming chair[...]
Respawn Reveals Three New High-Performance Gaming Chair Designs
Respawn Gaming has revealed three new gaming chair designs this week as they are rolling out high-performance models for the holidays Each one of these is designed to compete with what has become a rapidly changing market with gaming chairs as they have designs that offer an alternative if someone is looking for that kind[...]
Secretlab Rolls Out House Of The Dragon Edition Gaming Chair
Secretlab has released a brand new theme for their gaming chair line as they have partnered with HBO for a House Of The Dragon design The company is no stranger to the franchise as they have produced chairs with different house designs in the past But this one takes a much more regal approach with[...]
DXRacer Unveils Air Pro Series & 2023 Master Series Gaming Chairs
DXRacer showed off some new models of their gaming chairs this week as they revealed the Air Pro Series and the 2023 Master Series The team specifically wanted to highlight a couple of things that separate these from other editions of both lines, aside from the new selection of colors you can choose from The[...]
Razer Announces Two Special Editions Of The Enki Pro Gaming Chair
Razer unveiled two new editions of their Enki Pro gaming chair today, as they're partnering with Williams Esports and Koenigsegg Both of these special editions carry all of the usual benefits you get from the Enki Pro, which the company updated a short time ago with improvements on the original However, these two are colored[...]
CORSAIR Launches New Line Of TC200 Gaming Chairs
CORSAIR revealed a brand new line of gaming chairs that they have launched today with the TC200 series in Leatherette and Fabric Both designs are set to be an improvement over the previous models the company has come up with, each of them offering racing-inspired design features and a wide seat surface As well as[...]
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For years, DXRacer has been making its own brand of gaming chairs in various designs and still is the most identifiable brand on the market However, as time has gone on, other brands have come into the marketplace with their own visions and designs, many of whom have improved on things based on gamer feedback[...]
Secretlab Releases New Gaming Chair Design For The Batman
has partnered with Secretlab again to release a new gaming chair design The latest chair to join their DC Collection, this is basically a collector's dream as it is designed to match the armor and style of this version of the caped crusader, complete with its own detachable logo on the back of the chair[...]
DXRacer Reveals New “Craft Series” Gaming Chair
DXRacer has revealed a brand new chair model today in their gaming chair line with the brand new "Craft Series" designs This is basically the chair for those looking to customize what they have at home to their very best with a nearly endless design and color options You'll be able to use any image[...]
Secretlab Reveals New Attack On Titan Gaming Chair & Wipes
Secretlab revealed a brand new chair design this week for anime fans to get in on as they now have Attack On Titan-themed gaming chairs This particular one was created specifically with the team at Funimation as they will be commemorating the final series of the anime in style As you can see from the[...]
Secretlab Pays Tribute To The Witcher In Latest Gaming Chair Design
As the second season of The Witcher comes out, Secretlab is tossing tribute to the Netflix series with a new edition of their 2022 gaming chair Giving you a presentation of black with tan and red, this is a design that we're pretty sure Henry Cavill probably already has before it became a thing All[...]
Secretlab Announces Their First Harry Potter Gaming Chair
Secretlab has revealed they are selling their first Harry Potter-theme gaming chair with this design celebrating the film's 20th anniversary It's a weird concept to think about, but yes, it has been two decades since the first Harry Potter film had hit the big screen (technically it came out back in November, but it's still[...]
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A short time ago, Vertagear decided to send us one of their newer gaming chair models to check out as we got our hands on an SL 5000 The company has gone out of its way in recent years to upgrade its line and compete with other companies in key areas, trying to provide the[...]
Secretlab Has A New Gaming Chair Line For Lamborghini Owners
Secretlab has announced a new partnership with automobile maker Lamborghini to make a line of gaming chairs for owners of their cars The Automobili Lamborghini Collection will be an ultra-limited edition chair made with the same carbon fiber and Alcantara elements that are used to make the interior of the famous Lamborghini cars The photo[...]
Hendrick's Gin Releases Their Own Insane Gaming Chair
The folks over at Hendrick's Gin have created their own specialized gaming chair for those who love tabletop gaming The company revealed this massive beast this week, as the Scottish-gin maker has made the ultimate chair with several compartments for tabletop accessories, games, and of course, alcohol storage The chair itself will run you almost[...]
Secretlab Reveals New League Of Legends Jinx Edition Gaming Chair
Secretlab and Riot Games have partnered up again for a special League Of Legends gaming chair, this time with a special Jinx Edition As part of the release of the brand new Arcane series based on the game, the character Jinx is getting their own special branded chair with highlights and artwork in her colors[...]
Dr. Pepper Is Giving Away A Gaming Chair With A Built-In Fridge
Dr Pepper is working with NTWRK and streamer Fuslie to give away a customized gaming chair complete with its own built-in mini-fridge As you can see from the image featuring Leslie "Fuslie" Fu, this is a custom lounge recliner chair which they are touting is the first to feature a built-in refrigerator that holds 18[...]
Secretlab Adds Superman & The Flash To DC Gaming Chair Collection
Secretlab have revealed ahead of DC FanDome that they have two new gaming chair designs featuring Superman and The Flash continuing their partnership with DC Comics, these two designs feature their iconic logos on both the front and the back, with design accents and colors that represent both of their outfits inspired by the art[...]
Secretlab & Warner Bros. Present An Iron Throne Gaming Chair
again to release a Game Of Thrones gaming chair for the Iron Throne The two companies have had a pretty good run together making chairs for DC Comics characters, Mortal Kombat, and previous Game Of Thrones editions This black and gray version pays homage to the one thing everyone seeks in the kingdom, and that's[...]
Secretlab Releases A New Mortal Kombat Themed Gaming Chair
Now you can scream "Get Over Here!" in style as Secretlab revealed a brand new Mortal Kombat themed gaming chair today As you might suspect, the chair is being released in time for the new film, decked out in the traditional logo from the video game franchise along with a special skull design and the[...]
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Secretlab revealed this week they have partnered up with AAPE for a new line of designs for their line of gaming chairs As you can see from the image here, the two have worked together to bring three unique camo designs, one in the standard green while the other two are in red and blue[...]
The Razer Iskur Receives A Brand New Color Scheme
Razer has unveiled a brand new look to their own gaming chair, the Iskur, as the design is going completely black The chair originally was released with what you would call the standard color scheme for the company as it had green trimming, a green logo, their name in green across the pillow It was[...]
Andaseat & Disney Partner For Marvel Gaming Chairs
Andaseat and Disney have come together for a new partnership to release a line of Marvel-themed Gaming Chairs The four hero designs you have to choose from are Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, and Ant-Man To be clear, these designs are taken from the comic books and not the MCU versions of the characters, which[...]
Secretlab Will Be Restocking Their Cyberpunk 2077 Gaming Chairs
Secretlab revealed today that they will be restocking their highly popular Cyberpunk 2077 model for their line of gaming chairs Ever since these chairs were shown off earlier this year, they have been in high demand Insane amounts of high demand The first round of chairs was gone in an instant as people needed to[...]
Secretlab & Blizzard Reveal World Of Warcraft Gaming Chairs
Secretlab and Blizzard Entertainment revealed a new partnership today as they present two World Of Warcraft gaming chairs Being released to coincide with the upcoming release of the Shadowlands expansion, you can show your allegiance to the Alliance with a proud blue and gold design, or gleefully scream "for The Horde" with this black and[...]