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Facebook Gaming Will Be Getting Pac-Man In New Partnership

Mark Zuckerberg decided to make a special announcement himself with Facebook Gaming, revealing Pac-Man is coming to the platform. The exact name of the game will be called Pac-Man Community, and it will basically be a chance for you to play the game via your account, while also being able to create your own levels and face off against FG streamers live in 4-player co-op. The goal of it is to create a more interactive gameplay experience for those of you who enjoy watching your favorite streamers do their thing. The reveal also comes with the announcement of Facebook Interactives, which will be an all-new interactive layer for livestreams that will allow viewers to directly impact the game or content they're watching. Kind of how some interactive elements have been used on Twitch and YouTube.

Facebook Gaming Will Be Getting Pac-Man In New Partnership
Credit: Facebook Gaming

We're also making live gaming video an active experience with the introduction of Facebook Interactives: new experiences layered on top of livestreams. In the future, these might include trivia questions, audience polls, and even playable games on-stream. The limits of these experiences stretch as far as our developers' creativity, and won't necessarily be limited to gaming. Whether minigames, full games, or companion apps, our hope is that Facebook Interactives will make watching live video a more immersive, social, and engaging experience for our platform's viewers.

You can see Facebook Interactives in action in Pac-Man Community's Watch mode, where viewers of a 24/7 livestream pick a side and power up the AI Pac-Man or Ghosts in competition with each other. Soon, these features will unlock new community achievements, turning the Pac-Man interactive livestreams into a global arcade in which all viewers play together to win. Facebook Gaming creators will be featured inside the interactive streams as they play, with viewers able to suggest mazes. Other features unique to the Pac-Man interactive livestreams will be announced in coming months.

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