Fantasy Town Will Come To Mobile Devices In 2022

Arumgames and Gamigo revealed this week they are releasing a new farming sim with a twist as Fantasy Town comes to mobile devices in 2022. The game will have you doing a little bit more than managing crops and growing out your farm as the developers have mixed in a bit of exploration, RPG elements, and adventure game mechanics to make it a well-rounded title that has you doing all sorts of things. You'll have the chance to build up your own little town in the middle of a fantasy world where a lot of strange and unpredicted things can happen, all while you produce and farm crops, trade goods, explore, and defend the citizens from evil Trolls who are hellbent on causing you problems frequently. Along with some other fun tasks beyond the city that will help you prosper. No official release date is set for it yet, but you can heck out a trailer for it below.

Fantasy Town
Credit: Gamigo

In Fantasy Town, the player takes on the role of a Lord who is convinced to learn how to govern Arsendal, reluctantly. With the Citizens of the land relying on him to help it flourish, the player will construct, manage, and upgrade various buildings, farmland, crops and more. As resources are harvested, they can be traded to keep the city prosperous and the citizens happy. Farm for corn, raise various livestock, and create mouth-watering delicacies that are sure to be the talk of the town!

While your town works to gather various materials, players can summon various citizens to explore diverse places and dungeons in search of special resources. Earn new recipes, battle against bosses, and earn treasure while discovering new lands and creatures. Fantasy Town also holds events regularly that reward participants that include several minigames, such as puzzles, runners, and building a tower using various in-game items. Other fun features include character customization, different town skins, a lucky roulette wheel, and more.

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